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CRM for Small Business and Startups

By Madhura Yale 20th March 2019

Managing data and contacts is one of the most critical aspects of business growth for any organization. As your business grows, you get more customers, handle bigger teams and manage more vendors. Valuable information about the leads gets lost in the vast spreadsheets, emails, SMS and phone calls.

The growth of an organization comes with organizing the information in a way that can be used by everyone and that is where Customer Relationship Management is useful.

Benefits of CRM for a small business:

  1. Organizing Your Lead Data: CRM system will help you organize the incoming lead data. You will know the source of the incoming lead, contact information and other information that will help your sales team convert a prospect into warm lead faster.
  2. Scheduling and Tracking: With all the data on CRM, your sales team will never miss out on any potential lead. You can view emails sent, calls made, meeting scheduled and notes. This will help the sales team be efficient and managers to effectively monitor and take appropriate decision.
  3. Faster Communication: Unlike any traditional channels, with CRM, you have a separate platform to manage all communications. CRM platforms will give you a solution with integrated calling so you don’t have to switch in and out of CRM.
  4. Easy Customer Segmentation: Features such as filtering, sorting allows you to view clients based on location, deal size and other parameters. This will help your team prioritize warm leads and close deals faster.
  5. Better Team Collaboration: Since every data point is visible to all the teams, it helps decision making. For instance, the Marketing team has good visibility to lead quantity, quality and make informed decisions while planning marketing campaigns.
  6. Automation: Most businesses have repetitive tasks, such as sending out newsletters or weekly follow-up emails. These processes can be automated on the CRM platform so that the monotony of the activity does not take up too much of the team’s productive time.

How to Choose the Best CRM for Your Business

Easy imports and exporting of data

CRM platforms should make it easy to import your existing data and export data easily. We’ve made it very easy to import your existing data to Bulbul or export it into another software. The system should check for duplicates or incomplete entries and allows you to delete or correct these on the fly.

Single Customer View

You should be able to view all the information related to a deal in one place. All your activities, notes, email conversation are stored in a tidy timeline so that you don’t miss anything about a deal. The dashboard is a clean interface that prompts you to take action, helps you stay organized and take control of the complex sales process.

Activity Management

You can attach activities to deals and see your entire to-do list on one, easy-to-navigate page that syncs with Google calendar. Activities can also be assigned to a contact person or organization based on your organizational preferences. Bulbul scheduling tool can help you manage activities easily.

Email Automation

Schedule email campaigns, automate your notifications, follow-ups, and outreach campaigns easily. This will avoid repetitive tasks that take out most of the productive time of your team.

Why Bulbul?

Bulbul CRM was built from scratch for internal sales lead data management. Eventually, it was built to be ready for the business of any size. While other CRM platforms are complicated and need help in setting up, training the team and make it complicated for teams to use it, Bulbul is intuitive and easy to use. Bulbul takes care of all the little details like emails, calls, managing your data and lets you use your time in the selling process.  You now know how a CRM will benefit your business.

Now that you understand the benefits of using CRM, Let’s take the next step. Give Bulbul a try and give your sales team a CRM that is ready to use.

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