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    Former Uber driver to launch a new chauffeured cab app in France

    ORION is the new ‘cab on-demand’ application aiming to become the first fair reservation platform by creating better for conditions its drivers. With lower commission, pre-booking facilities and the possibility to build their own customer base, ORION aims to build a real partnership with their drivers. After several strikes in France against taxi hailing apps, […]

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    Ebook: Technology for an On Demand Platform – Mapping the User Journey

    If you’re a platform owner, you will probably know that there’s a lot more than meets the eye when users and service providers interact with each other on your platform. When a user downloads an app today, he expects a seamless experience at every stage of the buying or servicing process. That’s where our expertise […]

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    Uber Business Model Canvas: Know what led to Uber’s success

    Uber, a cab company valued at $51 Billion without even owning a single cab, has raised many eyebrows. The business model of Uber has created what is called the ripple effect in the on-demand economy. The widespread term ‘Uber for X’ says it all. But, “What led to the massive success of Uber?” is a […]

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    Funding News for On Demand Startups

    FUNDING FOR ON DEMAND STARTUPS Every startup eyes a huge influx of money that can help them organize, expand or diversify their business. Some startups are luckier than others in that regard. Here is a list of on demand startups that received funding most recently. Scroll down for information on older funding rounds. Urbanstems On […]

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    On Demand Startups: 5 Ways to Solve the Chicken and Egg Problem

    Following in the footsteps of success stories like Uber and Instacart, it is natural if you want to enter the on demand economy by starting an online business that instantaneously matches producers and consumers. To give your On demand startup a successful start, you need to first figure out a way to overcome the main […]

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    How Washio Works: Business & Revenue Model Explained

    What is Washio? Washio is an on-demand laundry platform facilitating doorstep pick-up and delivery of clothes in major cities of USA. The business model of Washio boosts of picking up dirty clothes from a user’s doorstep, getting them cleaned according to given preferences and delivering them back to customer’s doorstep. The best thing about washio […]

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    Case Study – Vyomo

    Of late, India’s beauty and wellness (B&W) industry has seen a lot of investor action. Leading the rounds last week, Vyomo a Complete online solution for beauty professionals and consumers has raised less than $2 million in pre series A funding round from Berlin-based Rocket Internet. While traditionally Beauty services are seen as things which […]

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    11 Uber for X Startups that Failed – are you making the same Mistakes?

    Are you looking to create an on-Demand platform that is going to disrupt the existing way of doing business in your geography? Many entrepreneurs have taken the plunge inspired by the Uber for X model that has given rise to many successful On-Demand startups in the last few years. But against every such successful initiative there have […]

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    5 things to know before choosing digital maps API: Google Maps Vs Mapbox explained.

    The on demand economy is no longer a fad. It is here, there, everywhere! This is not a sudden change, but one that has happened, and still happening gradually, powered by the collusion of numerous factors that have all come together to make our life easier – one tap to get everything under the sun, […]

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