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    11 Uber for X Startups that Failed – are you making the same Mistakes?

    Are you looking to create an on-Demand platform that is going to disrupt the existing way of doing business in your geography? Many entrepreneurs have taken the plunge inspired by the Uber for X model that has given rise to many successful On-Demand startups in the last few years. But against every such successful initiative there have […]

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    5 things to know before choosing digital maps API: Google Maps Vs Mapbox explained.

    The on demand economy is no longer a fad. It is here, there, everywhere! This is not a sudden change, but one that has happened, and still happening gradually, powered by the collusion of numerous factors that have all come together to make our life easier – one tap to get everything under the sun, […]

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    Beauty On Demand: How the Beauty salon has Moved into Your Home

    Tap an App and summon your own staff – sounds revolutionary, right? The On Demand and instant gratification economy that we live in today is demanding just that. While sometime ago this was a sole prerogative of the wealthy, many concurrent developments are democratizing services and enabling entrepreneurs to create marketplaces providing these services at an […]

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