• Empowering Fieldforce

    Snapdeal partners with Ottonomy.IO for last-mile deliveries using robots

    snap deal

    “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success” – Henry Ford Yup, You guessed it right! This quote signifies partnership & is followed by most colossal players who are currently showing their dominance in the volatile technological era. The current trend that we all following in the tech industry is, […]

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    6 Steps to Optimize your Last Mile Delivery Service

    last mile delivery

    2020 is going to be a year where customer’s demand regarding the last mile delivery experiences will ascend. In 2019 there was a drastic escalation in the e-commerce industry and a noteworthy delivery experience has played a crucial role in providing the breakthrough. Reports and surveys state that 80% of e-commerce brands were successful in […]

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    Impact of the new pricing model of Google Maps

    google maps

    Introduction: Let’s start with a note that we all love “GOOGLE”. We even admit to the fact that Google provides a vast number of free services to internet users to simplify their tasks. Let’s talk about one of the very popular services and that is Google Maps. Most of the features of Google Maps were […]

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    Driver Retention Strategies

    Driver Retention Startegies

    In the logistics business drivers are the most important assets. It is quite obvious that obtaining a new set of drivers is far more costly than retaining your existing lot. A common and constant battle the drivers face is striking the balance between long working hours and being away from their families, hence making it […]

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    Fleet Telematics

    Fleet Telematics

    As a kid when I rode my bicycle down the street, my mom would warn to cut down my pocket money if I dared to drive fast as she had a small device that could monitor me! Shit, I could have won the ‘Le Tour de France’! But today that has become a reality. Technology […]

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    Route Optimization: Growing Necessity


    Route Optimization – this keyword has been the buzz since last year. Its the process of extracting the most optimal path from one point to another. People often get confused with 2 terms – 1) optimal path 2)shortest path. Not every optimal path needs to be the shortest path and vice-versa. In the 21st century, […]

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