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Driver Retention Strategies

By Akhil Kumar 6th November 2019
Driver Retention Strategies

In the logistics business drivers are the most important assets. It is quite obvious that obtaining a new set of drivers is far more costly than retaining your existing lot. A common and constant battle the drivers face is striking the balance between long working hours and being away from their families, hence making it very difficult for drivers to stick around for the long term. Studies show that the transportation industry is in the midst of a driver shortage, and to make the scenario worse, driver retention and satisfaction is low. Meaning, business owners are facing a scarcity of satisfied drivers and hence are not able to meet the customer demands. This is where the Route planning software comes to the rescue, it not only helps to better manage your fleet but also can be applied to form up some Driver Retention Strategies.

Better route planning means better management and happier drivers, here are the reasons:

1. Minimizes on-the-way stress: 

Since it is really a tedious and hectic job to manually map the routes for the drivers, not just troublesome but quite ineffective. The route optimization software makes the best use of the driver’s time, so they are free to focus on the road, without worrying about any other factors.

2. Drivers don’t have to worry if they are following the best route:

With the help of route optimization software drivers constantly receive instruction from the transportation office for any special activity during the delivery. Since the software is well equipped with dynamic path optimization, traffic conditions, etc the drivers reap the benefits and have to worry less.

3. Drivers do not face the risk of missing appointments:

The software makes the route plans more realistic and achievable thus drivers do not have to worry about an appointment. Since the route optimization software takes several factors into consideration like drop-off hours, traffic, road conditions and pre-arranged deliveries, which makes it far more likely that drivers will end their shifts on time.

4. Combats the problem of driver shortage:

When routes are planned electronically, drivers receive an efficiently planned route that helps in locations, arrival time and more, making drivers working lives easier. The software also plans the rides in accordance with the driver’s ease like- planning a ride for a particular driver in his own city only unless there is an emergency which in-turn makes his life easier.

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Wrap Up:

Before making any bonus decisions you also have to consider the opinions of your drivers and figure out what’s important to them. And no! money isn’t always the answer. Regarding route planning and optimization, if you take some time to listen to your driver’s suggestions then not only it will pave the way for creating a bonus system that your drivers will truly love, but also your driver will feel appreciated and will be grateful to you for treating him as a human and not just a statistic.

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