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All you need to know about a Carrier Tracking Software

By Chirag Naiknavare 5th December 2022

A carrier tracking software also called shipment tracking software has gradually attained significance. The use of proper shipment tracking technology allows companies to become more accountable, productive, and also profitable.

Retailers can leverage bar code technology and cloud services to track parcels and shipments right through their journey from the manufacturing place to the warehouse to the doorstep of the buyers.  

There are many carrier tracking systems available these days for e-commerce entrepreneurs to choose from.

Carrier Tracking

Importance and scope of Carrier Tracking Software

There are tons of packages getting shipped every day. So, the integration of a dependable system for tracking everyday deliveries is critical for the success of an e-commerce platform. Here is how the software works. 

1. Choosing the best freight rates

Sending a package from one source to another destination will need several tasks to be completed systematically. The first thing is getting accurate freight rates from freight forwarders and shipping companies. 

Most shipment tracking softwares will have an intelligent system for procurement and comparison of freight rates. This will allow you to select the best option in your budget. This also means end-to-end visibility for making sure that all the tasks are completed promptly.

2. Seamless collaboration among stakeholders

Transport of shipment needs involvement of several parties. So, you must have clear communication between them. Having a software will provide all these stakeholders with a single one-stop platform for communication and collaboration. This also reduces shipment delays and other problems that affect the overall cost of transport.

3. Barcode generation

The barcode is a unique ID that contains all the necessary facts and figures. Some of them include the details of buyers and sellers, contact info, and product destination. In the initial stages, the barcode is created for every package for reducing the chances of misplacement.

Shipment Tracking

4. Package scanning

In the next step, the package is scanned for its tracking. This activity is performed by the logistics operators. After inspecting the product barcode, a delivery service will get all the requisite info for package monitoring. When the scanning process is completed, this package is ready to be shipped.

5. Package tracking

Both logistics operators and customers can trace and track the packages in real-time. They can also view the current whereabouts and estimated delivery date of this shipment. The use of a good tracking tool will enable you in providing instant access via proper devices from both parties.

6. Package delivery

In the final step of the process, once the package is delivered to a customer the tracking software notifies and updates all the parties involved about the order status. There is a digital receipt generated after the order competition which will act as proof of delivery.

Carrier tracking software allows the use of real-time info for maintaining timelines and ensuring on-time delivery for customer satisfaction. This type of software gives reliable and accurate data about the surrounding conditions such as the present condition of boxes and temperature. 

Benefits of Carrier Tracking Software to Businesses

1. Less transport expenditure

Carrier tracking software puts limitations on the number of incorrect deliveries. This results in less overall transport costs. It saves a lot of money and may be utilized for storage, re-warehousing, and transport. 

Apart from that, businesses can now keep track of all the activities that are related to shipping. It permits better communication and they can respond to client complaints also for stopping them.

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2. Real-time tracking

Businesses and customers can now keep a tab on their deliveries on a real-time basis by using the distribution chain. Also, in case of any delay in deliveries because of unforeseen circumstances various clients are notified immediately about it. 

Your carrier tracking software is a one-stop solution for checking the info about the clearance, arrival/departure, and shipment status.

3. Streamlined supply chain

The carrier tracking software can streamline the overall process of the supply chain. This involves arranging for the best-optimized routes to send alerts to the consumers about the shipment status. 

Due to better transparency, businesses can collaborate with other stakeholders easily. They can connect with people such as warehouse distributors and managers for accelerating the growth of the enterprise.

Carrier Tracking

Benefits of Carrier Tracking Software to Consumers

Consumers on the other side of the supply chain can easily access the benefits with the use of carrier tracking software such as,

  • instantaneous updates on shipments.
  • availability of tracking order statuses at any point in time.
  • Simple access to feedback from buyers.

Selecting the best Carrier Tracking Software for an e-commerce business

Modern e-commerce businesses can either choose paid apps or some open-source supply chain management software such as WPCargo Pro for their needs. This system has global postal tracking in it. While considering the best online shipping service, e-commerce businesses have to take into account these factors,

Shipping integration

Is the tracking software compatible with the existing systems I have? Can it integrate seamlessly? Keep in mind that there is no perfect solution available. 

Normally there is no need to upend the whole operation by using the right carrier tracking software. Keep in mind that the most expensive mistakes in software are those that involve neglect of the current operating environment. 

Ensure that you are selecting a proper tracking solution for seamless integration.

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Data security

Cyber-attacks and data breaches are pretty common these days. In case your business is unlucky enough and has fallen victim to an attack, the data collection might get interrupted. 

In case this breach becomes public, it is likely to damage the business’s reputation. So, ensure that the software you select has state-of-the-art security measures.


A good freight tracking software needs to be able to grow with yourself. You need to search for a multi-channel and simple app that provides support for users properly. 

This allows the shipment tracking to get as big as your business. Some cloud-based apps are quite useful when data usage has grown beyond limits.


It is a common observation that several e-commerce entrepreneurs are not experts in the software. A streamlined and layman-friendly UX is crucial for the scalability of your operations.


If you are looking to develop a carrier tracking software, get in touch with Jungleworks. You can get a platform that will streamline the import/export process to get a real-time view of shipments on one dashboard. 

Various companies can now experience simple sharing of detention tracking, shipment reports, accurate decision-making, and better logistics planning with this software. 

The shipment tracking software allows businesses to optimize their costs and maintain transparency to provide better visibility of their operations.

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