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A One-Stop Shop for all Restaurant Delivery Software Concerns

By Manav Kambli 25th October 2016
Route optimisation

The Business of Restaurant Delivery

In this day and age, it is very hard to manage a restaurant that does not accommodate for any form of food delivery in its business plan. It can be hyperlocal, or it may scale up indefinitely. Restaurants who do indulge their consumers by delivering food to their door step definitely have an edge. However, managing logistics for said restaurant delivery can be extremely problematic, and is definitely easier said than done.

There are a lot of things to take care of, and the primary step is often to develop an app for your front end. Your app should ideally be free/low cost, not too processor heavy, and should provide your menu in a cogent manner without compromising on the frills that you want in there. Aesthetically, the app should not appear too cluttered, and should provide just the right amount of information that the consumer needs.

For any app to operate effectively, an online platform is needed for the back-end. The online platform today has evolved substantially, and Tookan is a testament to that fact. As you will be having a largely mobile workforce for restaurant delivery purposes, it is essential that time and resource management are carried out efficiently. Over that, top-line growth will largely be driven from your delivery section, so keeping an eye out for growth indicators will be imperative.

Other things restaurant delivery app has to do is convey information to the consumer as regards delivery, manage your delivery fleet and have all sorts of checks and balances as regards the route and compensation (in case something does go wrong)

Customers also wish for secure payment gateways when they order online, and they want it to be as convenient as possible.

We can relieve you, however. Tookan is here to help, and can be invaluable on the restaurant delivery software front.

Rescuing and Augmenting your Restaurant Delivery Business

On the market, there may be many softwares that manage these affairs efficiently – however, most of them are not as integrative when it comes to ALL of these things. Yet others are highly technical in their scope, so if you need a whiz to operate the software, it can be counter-productive.

Tookan is one of the cleanest dashboards you’ll find when it comes to managing and optimizing your workforce. This goes double for a logistics intensive business like that of the restaurant delivery kind. It is also mobile-first, which means you have a lot of power at your fingertips, even within your smartphone.

That having been said, let us look at what kind of restaurant delivery software enhancement Tookan can do.

Firstly, you get a bird’s eye view of your employees and can monitor and track their progress. This can also be enabled for your consumers, who can have the delivery person on their radar instead of getting vague information as concerns the delivery.

Second, Tookan can optimize routes and make delivery extremely speedy. Weather, traffic, construction and many miscellaneous obstacles can be navigated efficiently with its real-time monitoring protocols.

Third, in the event that delivery is delayed for any reason – or cannot be carried out, responses can be sent to your customers on the fly, mitigating potential losses and establishing the fact that you care about keeping them updated on the same.

Other issues, like payment collection, credit card on-boarding and payment collection can all be automated, saving you the trouble of adding personnel or devoting resources to the same. Tookan can also auto-assign personnel depending on their performance, location and other criteria in order to optimize delivery time.

The cherry on the cake comes in the form of adaptive Business Intelligence. Tookan collects data and provides in-built data analytics for you to take action on in the future. Customer data and its interpretation is extremely important, and the fact that Tookan gives you actionable information on the same can prove invaluable. You can also manage your CRM and get in touch with your customers via the app, making it a one stop shop for all your restaurant delivery software related issues.

Save the Manager

Tookan is ideal for any restaurant manager who clearly has too much on their plate to handle. The restaurant delivery business, and restaurant delivery software have become two inseparable facets of a successful business story. To save the manager, your restaurant delivery software needs to be on point, sympathetic to the manager’s wishes and larger goals.

This is an effective way to save the manager, and in turn, your business.

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