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6 ways Fugu bridges gap between employees and employers during this quarantine period!

By Tannu Sharma 7th April 2020

As the Coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, people are preferring to keep themselves under quarantine time. Perhaps, social distancing is the only way to control this contagious spread, people are finding alternative ways to keep their work going on. Working from home is one such escape which many of the companies are moving towards, in the midst of this virus’s deadly chaos. 

However, many of us are not used to work in virtual space and keep their teams and colleague connected remotely. And even, no one was prepared for this quick transitioning. For those, who are looking for a concrete solution to overcome this fear of remote connectivity and cohesion, Fugu has been the ultimate choice to go ahead with. 

If you are wondering and are afraid of your team productivity during this virtual office transition, you can pick up Fugu as your team connectivity medium and can combat this sudden change with perfection. 

Here is the list of different ways via which Fugu helps in adding proficiency in your existing team connectivity while working from home. 

Before we proceed, let us explain what Fugu is?

Fugu is an efficient and prominent chat software that gives the advantage to own a real-time team collaboration. From unlimited messages exchange to sharing the work updates via it, Fugu has covered all for you! 

In this crisis time, when employers are struggling to connect with the employees, Fugu acts as a bridge between them both. 

Fugu offers you real-time working track of your employees

Your employees must have a habit of punching in and punching out while being in office. Though it might take some time to come over the concept of virtual attendance, with time, it would become their habit. Fugu helps in accomplishing the same. How? Fugu has an in-built feature of attendance bot. This bot acts as the attendance register for your employees. As soon as your employee will punch in via the attendance bot, you would get the quick notification for the same. Hence, an employer will get the chance to get the real-time work track of the punching status of his team through it. Isn’t it a good way to track your employee’s working schedule?

Fugu offers you to initiate leave requests

Another important feature of Fugu that helps in building strong communication between the two, is the extended feature of leave requests. In case of any urgency, your employee can apply for the leave request, stating the reason too in it. Fugu will notify the manager about the same and on the other hand, the manager can either decline or accept the leave request. This will reduce the workload of typing a leave application over the mail. And hence, saving a good time for your employees as well as yours. 

Fugu offers you to share unlimited messages 

Unlike other chat platforms, Fugu gives you the advantage of sharing unlimited messages. As per the need, you can connect over with the colleagues and can share multiple messages. There is no restriction over the number of messages in Fugu. Moreover, the seamless transition of messages will make it comfortable for both to develop healthy communication. 

Fugu offers you to own a chat group with selected team members

In case of any announcements or team discussions, companies find it tough to address the whole team together while working from home. To ensure that there is no hassle in connecting with the whole team at the same time, Fugu offers the opportunity to create chat groups by selecting as many of the team members, one wishes to opt. From one on one chat to the group chats, the communication could be initiated without any trouble. This feature would help in making it easy for all to carry on the discussions and offer the announcements, in one go. 

Fugu offers you to share the multimedia exchange

At times, your employees might need to share multimedia with the team or to an individual. To skip the monotonous workflow of typing a mail and sending the attachments through it, Fugu has introduced its unique feature of having a quick multimedia exchange via it. Yes, you heard it right! All you have to do is attach the file and send it to the required person. It not only saves your time but also allows you to complete the work in a fraction of time. 

Fugu offers you to connect with the team via video conferencing

It is one of the coolest features that allows the team to get connected even in the virtual space too. There is a smart feature of video conferencing that can help in making the team connected to each other and share the work status, strategy, and other important discussions. Hence, it will contribute to bringing the overall efficiency of your team. 

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Wrapping Up

Sometimes, some changes are good! Getting an opportunity to work via home is a smart transition of work culture that might become the future of tomorrow!  Think again, are you ready to be the tomorrow? For more information about Fugu, feel free to connect with us.

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