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5 Ways Lovely Professional University is using Fugu To Strengthen The Campus Communication

By Tannu Sharma 31st March 2020

The adaptive ways of technology have opened many doors for improvement when we speak about the education system. Gone are the days, when a student-teacher relationship was confined up to the four walls of the classroom. With a more competitive atmosphere building up around the society, the ongoing need to maintain healthy and strong communication between the two channels (Professors and Students) is evident.

Let’s discuss how one of the leading educational institutions of India; Lovely Professional University has evolved its processes in a way that strengthens the bond between students and professors.

Before talking about the adaption, let’s have a sneak peek of what were the major challenges being faced by the authorities as well as the students on practical grounds. 

Major Challenges Faced

Here is the list of common challenges that the students, as well as the teaching authorities, were facing from time to time.

Struggle to Communicate Remotely

We all know that communication is the key to success when we speak about the concept of imparting knowledge. The biggest hurdle the professors were facing was to establish a strong and progressive two-way communication channel between the students and teachers. The inability to communicate well leads to major distress in both. Practically, it was not a cakewalk to always expect all the students of a batch to stay under one roof and communicate well with the teaching staff. This one drawback was letting many of the bright successful upcoming stories to loose their path in a midway. 

Struggle to Hand-pick the selected students every time

On talking with the concerned authorities, it interfered that many times the authorities were facing a roadblock in making a selected group of students to attend a session. However, the system was using the concept of e-connection at some places, but it was a major flop when it comes to hand-pick the selected individuals either students or teachers to be a part of the group. This struggle was igniting the situation of helplessness, even with the presence of an active internet connection in every possible hand. 

Struggle to share the digital notes 

Our education system has broken all the stereotypes methods, where a student needs to dig his head in the pile of books. With the technology becoming smarter every day, the whole concept of going through bulky books is often replaced with a handful of important notes. Moreover, there are certainly important parts of information that the professor wishes to share with all of its students. Ironically, these digital notes are often confined to a few people. And practically it was difficult for the teachers to track the notes accessibility to every student of their class. 

Struggle to offer important announcements

LPU is a growing educational institute that has many of the students, teaching and non-teaching faculty connected with them. In order to circulate one important notice or information, it took a certain time. Moreover, again the tracking of information passed through was a painstaking process. It was noticed that many of the times, there was a couple of information or the pieces of announcements that fails to reach all because of one or the other reason. 

Struggle to connect with multiple users

Last but not the least, though the university was trying to use technology at the maximum to keep its public connected because of multiple users, it was again a challenging task. The number of students alone in the university is more than thousands and still, there are dozens of teaching as well as non-teaching staff.

Fugu: The Big- Time Savior

Technology is everywhere. One needs to identify which part of technology could be used where and how it could help them in a better and longer way. When LPU connected with the team of experts at Jungleworks, the every minute trouble was sorted with a single solution. 

How did Fugu help?

Fugu is a team communication software that enables multiple users to stay connected every time, anywhere via a strong internet connection. Being compatible with ios, android and web platforms, Fugu becomes the instant choice of communication in LPU.


Instant Remote Communication possible

Fugu offered the LPU team to connect with the students, teachers and non-teaching staff via a single platform. Making all the people gathered at the same place to communicate is no longer required. All that is required now, is Fugu installed on every mobile.

 Chat group creation  with selected students

Yes, as per the need one can easily add and remove the students and other members from a fugu group instantly. To save more of the time and energy of the people, we at Jungleworks have extended its help in making the desired groups in a fraction of seconds.

Smartly distribution of e-notes

Fugu allows the teachers and students to share the digital docs via it. This means, no more chasing to find the notes. One can easily get his notes via Fugu. 

Make special announcements groups

In order to get a quick escape from imparting information from one person to another on a big campus like LPU, Fugu can be used. With the creation of an announcement group, the authorities easily share important information and announcements seamlessly. 

Adding multiple users, no longer a dream

Fugu has helped the LPU family to come together and connect with each other, irrespective of the number of users adding per day. The smart communication platform supports the use of multiple users in one go.

Lovely Professional University is growing with Fugu! 

With 35k + users currently using Fugu to enrich their communication, the LPU family is growing and glowing with the right use of technology. In the coming times, the figures are most likely to see an exponential growth of around 50k+ users.

LPU chooses the smart way to keep its resources connected to it. So, when are you going to take this progressive decision for your educational institute?

For more information, connect with us. 

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