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Here’s Your Online Business Ideas

By Shubhankar Mishra 22nd April 2020
Business Ideas

Wouldn’t it be great to have your favorite luxuries and services right at your fingertips, to avail wherever and whenever? This lockdown has only left us wanting them even more. And while we have some great business ideas to start from home during this pandemic, we turned to you to share your #DreamBusiness ideas that can be taken online, during, and after the lockdown. 
And here’s some that you came up with:
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Mental Wellness and Therapy sessions 

Awareness around the importance of mental wellness is rapidly growing across the world. With the current global climate, the importance of Mental Health cannot be stressed enough. Online wellness classes and therapy sessions can be lucrative, and a great add-on to the community as well. 

At-Home Spa Services

For the more indulgent moments wherein one wants to enjoy some luxuries without wanting to step out of their home. A good Spa session can rejuvenate and reenergize anyone for weeks to come

Online Insurance Marketplace

Anything that makes navigating the complicated world of insurance a bit easier is bound to succeed! An online insurance marketplace can not only help people understand which insurance to pick up, but also help the masses understand the importance of getting insured. 

Personalized Medical Masks

After phone covers and laptop sleeves, can medical masks be the next big thing in accessorization? Personalized medical masks can be a great add on to your accessory business, as their usage increases rapidly over the years. Let’s face it, medical masks are here for the long run and nobody wants to don the boring teal masks everywhere.

E-Learning and Tutoring Application

A very popular option, a great online learning platform can mean the difference between a great and boring online class. Key trends right now in this space include interactivity, the robustness of feature-set, and reliability of the connection.

DIY Salon Services

This is a fun one, giving out exclusive salon tutorials depending upon the context, new trends, and even customer demand! This can also be great in a contact-less scenario such as the one we are in at the time of writing this blog. And moreover, it’s a great avenue for partnerships with cosmetic products to act as a promotional platform for them.

Local Internet Provider Registry/Marketplace

An internet connection has become more of a basic need rather than a want in most places across the globe. Local Internet providers make up the majority of the connections, so any app which offers options of different providers and plans without the hassle of contacting various merchants has the potential to be an instant hit.

Medical Consultation and TeleMedicine

Another popular option boosted by the current Lockdown, online medical consultations are a great complement to physical visits and a lot of Doctors are flocking into such platforms, hinting at a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.

VR Social Hangouts

Virtual Reality has the potential to revolutionize digital hangouts space. It opens up new possibilities for interaction and we are looking forward to seeing this gain more momentum.

Digital Board Games

The social bonding of board games combined with the convenience of a digital platform, the combination can’t get better than that! A platform combining video calls and board games is sure to be popular amongst a wide range of audiences. We can even combine it with the VR Social Hangouts idea mentioned above for a truly game-changing venture.

Raw Food Subscription Boxes

This Lockdown has made many take up cooking not only as a necessity but also a hobby. Starting up a venture that provides ingredient-sized food items for specific dishes, along with instructions of preparation can be a great way to enjoy a hobby in a healthy manner.

Online Art -Sales Platform

A marketplace dealing with Art can be extremely lucrative, attracting the more discerning customers while also catering to those looking for a nice wall-hanging. Such an Online Marketplace can also experiment with innovations in pricing models, which can be hybrids between an auction and a price set by the merchant.

Dynamic Ecommerce

Imagine an E-Commerce platform that dynamically changes the pricing of its products by the minute – factoring in demand and supply. Sounds exciting,right? Such a platform is sure to get customers visiting often and provide useful insights to manufacturers and merchants.

If these ideas, or any other, get you excited to start your own digital business journey, then the world is your playground. And we, at Jungleworks would love to be part of that journey. Share with us your #DreamBusiness to explore how we can make that dream a reality, together.

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