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5 Ideas to Boost Your Online Business This Christmas

By Avinash Raj 18th December 2019

Very few days are left for Christmas and businesses should have planned their strategy to make the most out of this season. Christmas is the most joyful festival celebrated by Christians worldwide. The entire Christmas season is a boon for Online Retailers to fill in their cash registers as most of the community are on vacation and ready to celebrate the coming new year and mark the end of the current year. 

And Christmas is the best occasion to do something new for your business and boost your revenue.

So today, we will provide a checklist which every online retailer has to verify before running their promotional campaigns. Before proceeding, make sure you are well aware of the trends in consumer behaviour, and you own a website with all the latest functionalities. 

Checklist starts…

1. Decorate your website 

We all know that on the occasion of Christmas people love decoration and they want to see everything decorated near them. You might think the decoration is not an ROI related activity, but the fact is it is. Let’s look at an example to understand this better. During Christmas or any other festival, you must observe that every showroom or mall is well decorated according to that festival tradition and colours. This is to build a connect and drive the festive spirit in the customers which helps in sales.

This is the same as an Online Store. Your online store is where customers can find you online. So during festivals, it is important to design your website within the flavour of the festival to build a connection. 

Some of the things you can do with your website:

  1. You can add a new category like offer of the day.
  2. Make a new offer page for Christmas, 2-3 Christmas carousel banners etc.

2. Special Discount Campaigns pop-up.

People are very excited during this season and love to shop! They are already at the last step in the buying cycle searching, and an extra offer on the products will increase the number and chances of conversion. Also, there are people who delay their purchase, waiting for discounts on those products during occasions. A miss from a brand will help competition close the deal. Hence, it is mandatory to offer discounts during this season.

Some of the ways you can run your offer:

  1. Package your product differently. Add other services or extension and give a discount on the same. 
  2. Offer a free voucher with terms like “a minimum (X amount purchase) to get the voucher.”

3.Social media activity

If You have a page on the social media page for your business, then increase your daily activity on social media with attractive posts like a special discount offered by you, the customer of the day etc. Social media is a great way to promote your business. It will help to increase the reach of your business. Not only discounts you could also share the highlights of the season. This builds credibility that your brand truly supports the celebration of this festival. 

4.Gift Goodies with every purchase

On Christmas, everybody wants and love gifts. So if you surprise the customers with goodies on every purchase of your customer, you will see the smile on your customer’s face, and they will also share this with their friends and families and indirectly the word of mouth marketing is achieved. 

5.PPC and SEO, along with re-targeting

A survey says that in 2018, the sale from the United States on the occasion of Christmas was around 1 trillion. So this means people are more likely to spend money on shopping. So you should increase pay per click for your ads that you are running on google to promote your products and improve your SEO so that whenever people search for a product that you sell, your website should rank and they will be purchased through your store only.

Another way is to run a retargeting campaign on Facebook and emailers to float the offers.


Christmas season gives you a very good opportunity to boost your business and earn more profits, you just need to be a little upgraded and put some extra efforts during this season. Because its never too late to start a campaign in this digital age. If the campaigns for Christmas don’t give you the expected profits, you could always hit it in the New Year to Boost your business. 

If you don’t have a website/app for business, try out Yelo! It takes less than 243 seconds to setup your entire website. 

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All the Best!

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