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5 Factors that makes B2B marketplace model favorable in 2020

By Tannu Sharma 3rd March 2020

The new evolved digitalization of businesses is here to stay! When we speak about 2020, this year is all about how wisely you market and promote your business via an online platform to your potential audiences.

Setting up a business and then struggling to make it exist in the crowd of competition are a few of the real-time challenges that a business might faces. Though there is no shortcut to get relief from these struggles, but still there is a smarter way to deal with it! Wondering how? Have you heard about introducing your business to marketplaces? Are you aware of the business model of B2B Marketplace? And why it is an ideal choice to pick for this 2020? 

Let us help you in getting all these answers with expert’s opinion. Moving forward, here are the answers to all your troubles.

What is B2B Marketplace?

It is an efficient platform that allows the various buyers and sellers to get connected via an online platform. It is easy to reach platform where a merchant can find its relevant buyers and expand its revenue growth to its true potential.

Tiger is one of the most preferred marketplace where a business owner can set up his market and can seamlessly reach to its buyers in one go.

If you are thinking about how this B2B marketplace is good to go option for you in this 2020, go through the below-mentioned benefits you can experience with it. 

Key benefits your business will experience with B2B marketplace business model

We have hand-picked a few of the most admirable benefits with the B2B marketplace. These are: 

Low Entry Cost

If you think setting up your online marketplace is costly then think again! Because with Tiger, it would be as cost-effective as you have ever dreamt of. 2020 is all about taking some wiser decisions for your business. Picking up the B2B marketplace business model can help you to enter the online market and digitalize your business at a very minimal cost.  As soon as you opt for an efficient marketplace such as Tiger, you can begin to access the online marketplace in no time. In a nutshell, it could be said that setting up a B2B marketplace does not require upfront investment at all.

Quick Set-up

Adding another feather to the cap is the ease of setting up the marketplace in a few minutes. Yes, you heard it right! One of the major reasons why the B2B marketplace is being favored by all is that there is no such requirement of any coding or technical help. By simply following a few of do it yourself steps can make you start your own marketplace. It is just a matter of a few minutes and you are all set, to begin with. So, forget about taking the bandwidth of the developers and other techies for introducing your business on the online platform. All you have to do is make a smart decision to opt for Tiger and you are ready to explore the wider business opportunities. 

Highly Scalable Business Platform

You are here to make a big! And if you have future plans for your business, 2020 is the right time to give them a direction. Choosing a B2B marketplace will allow you to expand your business, products as per your requirements. If you wish to take it slow and gradually catch the pace, don’t worry. With a scalable platform such as Tiger, you can do it. The higher scalability of the B2B marketplace is one of the prime reasons, why businesses are shown inclined towards them. It helps them to streamline their growth and expand smartly. So, what are you planning for? Its the best time to give it a try and expand your existing business without any much risk. 


Now, when the whole world is experiencing the fast-evolving technology, then why are you lagging behind? Get your business processes automated at the earliest. How? Simple, pick up your B2B marketplace and get your business processes automated soon. It will not only add efficiency to your existing processes but also will help you to reduce your work pressure for good.

Value Proposition

 The marketplaces allows a business to get the exclusive opportunity to streamline their supply inventory easily. This means you don’t need to pay out rent for the physical store. Moreover, the associated operational costs for electricity, water bills, manpower additions would be directly reduced to the maximum. This would help in adding value to your business and helps you to save a big amount. It will diligently contribute to making your business explore the best of the growing opportunities in the market.

Summing Up

Every business looks for alliances that can make it worth to opt for. When you are doing a business in 2020, you need to seek such alliances that can make you stay longer and stronger in the competition. Choosing up to go ahead with Tiger for your B2B marketplace business model will be one of the smartest choices you would make for your business this year. 

Still have doubts to ask for, don’t worry! Get in touch with us now. 

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