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23 marketing tips to boost your online handyman business in 2023

By Tahira Bhasin 31st January 2023

Running any business in 2023 can be a little tricky. With changes in the economic environment, one needs to be extra cautious as to how they should market their business. A handyman business too is prone to these changes.

However, there are several ways of marketing a handyman business in the right manner. In this article, we will look at the 23 best marketing ideas for a handyman business in 2023. Marketing tips such as email marketing, social media and adding referral programs can be highly beneficial to your handyman business.

10 Effective Marketing strategy for Handyman business

1. Direct e-mail campaign: E-mail marketing serves as a very relevant channel to market your handyman business even in 2023. It is an established way of creating brand awareness and converting customers. Sending direct value emails to your customers can save their time and keep you above others.

2. Social Media: Social media and its reach is still massive. Targeting your audience on a relevant social media platform can give you excellent results for your business. The objective of this kind of advertising is to raise sales, build your brand, and drive traffic to your website. Nearly 50% of the global population uses social media and this number is growing every day. So, your handyman business can use this cost-effective method by interacting with a larger audience.

3. Setting up a Pay Per Click advertising campaign: PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is a performance-based marketing technique that allows you to display specific ads for your handyman business to a certain target audience. The idea is to get the user to visit your landing page or website.

4. Build a sales team: Having a direct sales strategy will allow direct contact between consumers and sellers without the involvement of third parties. This is a popular sector where handymen communicate with the audience personally. This communication takes place at non-store locations such as at work, home, and online. You need to hire some salespeople for supporting the sales conversion process.

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5. Referral programs: A referral program is a kind of marketing technique where you will provide an offer to existing clients for developing word-to-mouth referrals that will convert. According to some reliable sources, word-of-mouth is one of the biggest traffic-generating sources for small businesses that are into affiliate marketing.

6. Business outsourcing: Outsourcing is a method in which a business will contact a third party for performing job functions and services that were conventionally performed by the employees of an organization. Any business activity that can be completed from an offshore location can be outsourced.

7. Effective SEO strategies: The SEO strategy is a process of planning, optimizing, and organizing a website for helping it rank higher in search engines. Having an effective SEO strategy will allow you to match the search intent of the users to drive traffic that is credible and you get quality leads for the site.

8. Sending handwritten notes to the customers: Handwritten marketing is one of the common strategies utilized by sales and marketing units that are trying to maintain close relationships with their clients. Sending that handwritten notes allows marketers to achieve personalized marketing and improve customer loyalty. You can also get open rates.

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9. Expanding the product line: Expansion of the product line just refers to the ways of focussing on the requirements of your customers and offering them variants of current products that they like. But before doing the expansion listen to the feedback provided by the clients. You need to understand their pain points and find ways of making your product appealing to a broad market.

10. Competitor analysis: It refers to the analysis of reports about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors that are relevant to your business. For any start-up handyman business that is trying to break into the market, you will need a competitive analysis that will provide tools for strategic decisions.

11. Use LinkedIn: You can use LinkedIn outreach for sending direct LinkedIn messages to your prospects. Direct messaging from LinkedIn is a primary communication approach for handymen. This is an effective way of approaching the target audience in a personal manner.

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12. Franchising of the business: Giving out a franchise of your business is a strategy where private entrepreneurs will sell the rights of their business name, logo, and model to third-party outlets. This franchise strategy is useful for businesses that can afford some capital investment and finance for operating a business start-up.

13. Yelp reviews: Yelp is a popular social networking website that allows users to post reviews and rate various companies. If you can get positive Yelp reviews it is valuable input for lead generation. It is observed that more than 90% of people buy a product or service after visiting Yelp. So, positive Yelp reviews can provide greater social proof for inspiring consumer confidence and getting better customer loyalty.

14. Offline advertising campaign: Offline advertising refers to using conventional advertising strategies such as TV, billboards, and radio ads. Even though digital marketing drives greater ROI for most brands the conventional offline channels are still important for start-ups. Around 10% of the American population never uses the internet.  

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15. Create strategic partnerships: Developing strategic partnerships with some good existing businesses can be a huge win-win situation for any start-up. This is taking into account that partnerships create a new era of future alternatives for any handyman start-up. However, keep in mind that this pursuit can take up a lot of time and the entrepreneurs have to perform proper research to evaluate the possibilities of achieving success.

16. Search engine marketing: Search engine marketing involves an advertising strategy that creates ads in search engines for positioning the brands in top results. Unlike search engine optimization strategy SEM works via paying for the keywords that allow your content to appear in the top position in SERPs.

17. Press releases: Using press releases is a marketing strategy that sends out newsworthy bulletins. You need to target prospective customers and journalists. This is a popular approach for achieving quick brand exposure. For start-ups achieving greater press coverage is an attractive proposition for gaining traction.

18. Create business cards: The business card bears the info about your handyman’s business or yourself. Having business cards might seem like an older way of marketing your handyman business it might be worth the trouble. Having a well-designed business card is your best marketing tool when you meet several consumers in person.

19. Creating promotional videos: The promotional video is any kind of video you can record and post to promote specific marketing sales, initiatives, and events. More than 80% of video marketers have said that videos give them a fantastic ROI. A stellar promo video can grab the attention of the audience and draws them into learning about your handyman business.

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20. Direct mail QR codes: A Quick Response Code or QR Code is a 2-D barcode allowing you to instruct the mail audience to perform actions such as redeeming a coupon, calling you back, paying bills, or subscribing to a newsletter. If you place a QR code in direct mail you can track the user’s location, time, and the date of the scan.

21. TV ad campaign: TV advertising refers to the broadcasting of programmed promo messages that will target prospective TV viewers. The top brands use TV commercials for conveying promotional ads for marketing products and services such as handyman. Brands have used TV commercials for decades for attracting a huge customer base for their services.

22. Optimization of landing pages: Landing page optimization means you are enhancing or improving every element of the landing page for raising conversions. There is no need to create newer content or redesign the site. You can use anecdotal evidence and data for creating optimized landing pages.

23. Word of mouth: Word-of-mouth publicity takes place when a consumer reflects his or her interest in the company’s products or services in their daily dialogues. So, word-of-mouth advertising is a free advertising campaign triggered by the experiences of the customers. More than 90% of people entrust recommendations from family and friends while buying these services.


A handyman business can be a highly succesful one if the right audience is targeted. We specialise in software best suitable to run an online handyman business. You can contact us if you need any help regarding your handyman business.

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