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Jungleworks Year-In-Review: 2022 dedicated to local entrepreneurs

By Tahira Bhasin 30th December 2022

2022 was a roller coaster ride for the SaaS industry. Post the pandemic boom, a lot of changes were witnessed in terms of demand and preferences. Despite all this, a phenomenon called entrepreneurship sustained itself and continued to rise. 

Our mission for 2022 at Jungleworks was aligned with this phenomenon. To support and power the hyperlocal business. 

So, did we achieve it? 

1000+ local entrepreneurs joined Jungleworks and witnessed skyrocketing growth. From a plumbing business in Africa to real estate in the US, our pipeline for 2022 was full of successful entrepreneurs. 

But, more than the numbers, what melted our hearts was the emotion behind it all- the sheer happiness of having their own online business. 

Let’s roll a quick recap. 

Our softwares, Yelo, Tookan and Hippo acted as weapons for the local businesses against their fight with the third parties. 

And this year, we made them even better. With over 50 plus new features, our clients experienced 10 times better ROI, 100 times smoother operations and overall excellent results for their business. 

Delivery Orchestration in Tookan, Whatsapp customer support in Hippo and visually new exciting themes in Yelo were the highlights. 

Apart from that, the below features were widely used by our clients to increase the efficiency of their business.

New Updates 

Agent Hourly Earning

This new feature was introduced in our delivery management platform Tookan, through which businesses can now pay their agents on an hourly basis. This ultimately leads to better organisation and more efficiency. 


Our customer engagement platform Hippo boasted of this new feature. It helped businesses sort their operations and customer support was much easier than before. 

Analytics Reports

As data’s importance grew more than ever, Hippo was equipped with advanced analytics. With this feature, businesses could actually track the accurate first response, average response and total response time of their agents. 

Product Image Search

This Yelo feature allowed our customers to search and upload product images while adding new products directly from the dashboard. This added a lot of convenience to their online store. 

New Themes

For the online store owners, we came up with two new themes, especially for the food delivery customers. 

Exciting Partnerships 

2022 was a year of exciting partnerships for us. We integrated with Shopify, Pet Pooja, Deliveract, Deal POS, Foodics, Whatsapp, Paypal and many more. 

This yielded amazing results for local business owners powered by these platforms. 

Local entrepreneurs that made us proud! 

We ventured into new geographies all around the world. The Middle East was our jackpot and the Africans loved us! We found some amazing entrepreneurs, from Cannabis Delivery businesses in Canada to food delivery in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Not only this, we even expanded our horizons in terms of use cases. Roadside Assistance, Jewellery Delivery for Banks, Delivery via EVs, garbage collection, to name a few. 

All thanks to brilliant minds behind brands like Kovi, KokoFuels, Shelfline, Physicswallah, Motoboy, OneRail and many more. 

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs that joined us in 2021 continued to rise and shine. Particularly, Joaan from Turkey, Kravemart from Pakistan and Hajery from Kuwait. 

They started from zero and reached 10,000 transactions per month. 

And the award goes to

Lots of love was showered upon us from our customers in the form of reviews which landed us more than 50 accolades from big companies like G2, Sourceforge and Capterra. 

We were a leader in fleet management and last-mile delivery, particularly in G2 Summer, Fall and Winter reports. 

We also achieved the Best ROI in fleet management award. 

Read more about our awards

Tookan wins big, recognised as top performer

Powerful content

Our voice promoted the struggles and achievements of local entrepreneurs. Our content featured some real talk, real stories and real highlights. 

As a result, our community online increased and motivated us to do better. 

Here’s some of our most loved content.

You can also have a look at some of the video interviews done by us.

What 2022 taught us?

Here’s what we learnt. Be enthusiastic about helping others and that’s how you grow your business.

3 cheers to 2022 and stay tuned because there is a lot more planned for 2023. 


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