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How to start a small handyman business in 2023: Details about licensing included.

By Tahira Bhasin 9th January 2023

A handyman is a person that provides a range of home repair services such as plumbing, electrical services, furniture repairs, fixing doors, putting up fences, hanging pictures etc. When you are looking to start an online handyman business there are a few things you might wonder such as what you are going to need, how to start, and can I make a living out of it. Here are some steps to guide you in starting an online handyman business.

1. Plan the business

Having a bright idea is crucial for all entrepreneurs. But to make a beginning and earn money through a handyman business, you need to plan your business. Find out what will be the ongoing expenses you will have to bear for your handyman business and who the target audience is. 

If you consult experienced handyman business owners you will find that you can start this business for less than $1000. The only things you are going to need are some essential repair tools, insurance, and a budget for marketing.

2. Find a niche

You might feel that you need to cover all the services. This might not be necessary. You just have to find the most suitable niche and then stick to it. Quantity might not matter but the quality certainly does. Stick to your skills as your business will have the potential to make profits even when you are offering limited services. 

Be sure that you are aware of the applicable laws in the area. This is significant for the success of your venture. You can consult a lawyer or an investigator in the area. It also shows professionalism when you have your handyman business bonded, licensed, and insured.


3. Develop your website

It is believed that having a reliable website is necessary for being discovered by search engines. It is also helpful to the clients in building trust. Having a website sets you apart from the rest of the competitors. 

It is also likely to get some more work for you. Your site needs to include the services offered, company info, work requests, forms, client testimonials, and other info regarding the license. The site needs to be SEO optimized because it will be simpler for the clients to locate you online.

4. Own a handyman business software

There are many different handyman home services software available out there and you can also develop an on-demand app with handyman accounting software. This will allow you to organize the business because the software is your best bet. 

The software helps in keeping the client and business info organized and simple to access. In case you are unable to access the earlier info about a client when you visit his or her home it will be a huge disappointment. To avoid embarrassment, get the handyman software.

5. Learn about the pricing

You should choose your target segment and price yourselves accordingly. There are very few market standards in this business and you can even earn thousands of dollars on an hourly basis. 

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6. List the handyman business on Google

These days it is significant to have an online reputation for your handyman business. Most new customers will look for reviews from earlier clients. 

This can also be a terrific opportunity for your business. It means you can add info about your business and then link to the site where they can order the services. There are several websites out there that can enlist the company for instance Google My Business and Yelp.

7. Complete all the compliances and legalities

You need to register your handyman business with the local authorities. You can establish it as an LLC. If you are looking to start a business in a specific area, you can research online for it and find out the requisite steps needed for registration. 

It should not take more than 6 weeks to get the handyman business registered online. It is also significant to have a name for your business. Ensure that you are using a name that is professional sounding because when your business will grow you may use it for LLC, logos, site, uniforms, and invoices.

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8. Good customer service

The customer service you can provide for your handyman business will play a significant role in the success of your handyman business. People are always looking to feel secure and safe in their space and are wary of strangers coming into their houses. When you visit the customers, explain the process to them. 

Inform them about the techniques and software you are using and let them know how you intend to work with them. Always take efforts to make the consumer experience a breeze. It means better customer service.

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If you are in good physical shape and are looking for an opportunity that allows you to be your boss, the handyman business is a great option. However, you will need the skills and knowledge for repairing and replacing household items. 

If you are looking to build the best handyman app for your online handyman business, look no further than an established company such as Jungleworks for expert assistance.

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