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10 reasons ‘why it’s a must’ to do SEO for Online Business

By Wilfred Vivek 5th April 2019

Every brand or a startup knows SEO is critical for its ‘Digital Discoverability’. To put it in simple words “The goal is to rank the brand’s online content on top of the page in a search engine when specific keywords are keyed in”. This blog outlines the top “10 Reasons to do SEO for Online Business.”

1. Search-ability and Visibility

SEO is all about visibility and search-ability. Potential Customers should find your brand online.

With the advancement in tech and the smart devices today, the first action performed by a person who is in search of information is “Googling it.” About 75% of all the searches happen in ‘Google’. And about 2.2 million searches happen in a day.

There is a funny saying “If you need a place to hide a dead body, the second page in the google search is your safest bet.” So ranking high on google search is the first primary objective of SEO. Not ranking on the first page of the google results is as good as not ranking at all.

2. People click on Organic Searches

I don’t recall a time when I clicked on a sponsored link in the google search result page. People generally do not trust sponsored content!

With all the sponsored and paid clutter in the internet world, the probability that a potential customer clicks on a sponsored link is minimum. Ranking your website through organic means is the only way to get users to click on your links. And going organic is cost-effective.

3. Trust and Credibility

Performing a good SEO for a brand means building a beautiful website with a clean design and providing a seamless user experience that has better discoverability and search-ability.

When the brand ranks on top of the search, then the psychology takes over, and potential customers will believe your the best. Your Website title and meta description tags throw a powerful image of your proposition and your brand.

All the things here provide trust and credibility.

4. SEO helps to build your brand

Branding is complex. You want people to recall and recognise the brand during their purchase decisions.

Success in performing a good SEO for your brand puts your brand at the top and increases traffic for your website. By customising the landing page to provide the relevant information for the customer places a good thought in the customer’s mind. This way there are more satisfied customers. And they, in turn, will share the word out which helps in building the brand.

5. SEO provides a better user experience

For Google, the positive user experience is a vital factor for a website’s success. The algorithm can differentiate between a positive and negative user experience. SEO covers all aspects from the website content to the meta descriptions. While performing SEO consistency is maintained, and the website is checked for a seamless user-flow. And hence when your site is optimised for better SEO then the user experience in the site increases.

6. SEO attracts relevant traffic for higher conversion rate

How does it work?

Potential customers search for their particular need in google. They type in the search terms in the search engine.

The search engine triggers the keywords for the relevant keywords, and the results are displayed. The “Relevance” of the ‘ad copy’ with the ‘landing page’ content determines the quality score.

The traffic with the search term matching your website content are the higher intent customers, and their conversion rate is higher.

7. It helps local businesses

It is estimated that 86% of the people try to find local businesses through search. Hence focussing on the SEO for the business for that local region can give you traction as compared to the big players.

8. It’s easy to measure

In traditional forms of advertising, tracking the ROI for a particular campaign is challenging. It is not the same with SEO. Through google analytics you can track the source, the demography and the session time in your website pages individually.

The results for each of your landing pages on your website can be tracked separately.

9. SEO is cost-effective

With SEO you don’t need to pay for ad space. Optimization of your site content with the proper meta titles and description does not cost you.

SEO is never a cost but an investment for your Online Business. The readability for your content, the quality and relevance of your landing pages, your meta titles and description all these contribute to the SEO. These factors improve the user experience and increase the traffic for your website; hence it is an investment.

10. SEO drives offline sales

Today more sales are driven by research. People research the internet before making a purchase decision. Your website works 24×7 and acts like an all-time sales employee. Hence offline businesses cannot ignore SEO.

Implementing quality SEO for your brand’s digital assets is always helpful and is a long-term investment for your brand. SEO sets consistency and helps user-experience.

Digitize your business with a strong, quality SEO for your digital assets.

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