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Zimbabwe Creates a Legal Mechanism for Medical Marijuana

By Savita Dhawan 7th May 2018

The marijuana industry has grown significantly since 2000 and its legality varies from country to country. However, possession of the plant in small quantities has been decriminalized in many countries and sub-national entities in several parts of the world. Globally, marijuana is the most commonly used drug having a rich linguistic tradition. Is it really the “wonder drug” that people claim.

Some countries have laws which are not as vigorously prosecuted as other countries, Zimbabwe being one of them has also created a legal mechanism to grow marijuana for medical and scientific use. The five-year licenses will clear growers to possess, transport and sell fresh cannabis, cannabis oil, and dried product. Earlier, marijuana possession and use were currently illegal from federal government’s perspective, with delinquents facing 12 years jail. But now the tightly controlled program will be open to businesses and citizens to apply for cultivation licenses for medical and scientific purposes.

This recent move by the government of Zimbabwe to legalize the subsequent use of marijuana or cannabis for medicinal purposes has created a perfect time for entrepreneurs to pick up on this opportunity and kick-start their own marijuana business.

With JungleWorks cannabis suite, taking your marijuana business online has become less complicated. It is a complete technology suite that empowers your Marijuana business, providing a customer app, manager dashboard, and a drivers app

That’s not all that JungleWorks offer, it has a variety of platters in its plate.

Customer Management: you can manage all your customer details at a single place with our flexible CRM solution.
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Real time-in- app -chat: You can also, delight & retain your customers by integrating real-time chat inside your website or mobile apps to provide instant & convenient support to your valuable customers.
Business analytics: Through this feature, you can know numbers that matter the most to your business – repeat customers, most ordered items & revenues. It also enables to understand your customers’ behavior & target them with your new offerings.

Marijuana is expected to grow multi-folds in the future and JungleWorks provides you the platform to create a business from scratch, the dynamics is unique and provides an opportunity for anyone with expertise and drive to become a leader.

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