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YouTube Videos in 2023: How to make a brand strategy?

By Tahira Bhasin 3rd February 2023

Youtube lately has become one of the most important marketing channels for brands. Apart from short-form video platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Shorts, Youtube’s long-form videos are also adding a lot of value for customers and revenue for businesses.

If done effectively, Youtube videos can prove a vital channel for lead generation and ultimately conversions. So, in 2023, it is important to re-visit your brand strategy because of a lot of internal and external factors such as algorithm changes, new google updates and overall trends.

In this blog, we will look at an expert strategy that will give you the desired results for your business. Let’s get started.

Content is the best king

Okay, so this is obviously not new. Content has always been the king, but, in 2023, it has become all the more important to focus on good quality content. As a business, if you want to grow in revenue and not just subscribers, providing value to your audience is the ultimate formula.

Your potential audience is looking for something, could be a solution to their problem, a nice tip or a way to invest themselves. Be clear in your content, make it appealing and then push it. Give more priority to value than creation.

Find out what is the audience looking for. Be aware that there are more than 2 billion users on YouTube and more than 70% of Americans browse YouTube regularly.

YouTube Marketing Strategy 2023 | How To Improve Your Content

To niche or not?

In 2023, focussing just on niche might not be a very good idea. Niche gives you better results but after a point, it might saturate your audience and eventually your business. It is always important to keep adding onto the funnel.

Widen your audience, make content that will appeal to more people. And this way, you can grow your business more.

Learn from your favourite Youtube Videos

These channels do not necessarily have to be from your niche. Consumption of this YouTube content will let you become aware of what will work out because things keep on changing all the time. For instance, are you aware that audio quality is more important than video quality? Bad audio quality can turn off several people.

Many things go into the creation of YouTube videos and you need to pay attention to things such as channel art, video thumbnails, and how creators are linking to products and posts. There are many channels on YouTube devoted to growth and editing.

YouTube Marketing in 2023 - Trends & Promotions - LearnWoo

Optimizing Youtube Videos

These 2 billion users of YouTube each month watch close to 1 billion hours of video on the channel each day. The question is how to rise above all the noise and get the algorithms to display your videos. Keep in mind that if you are familiar with Google algorithms they work similarly for YouTube. There is one key difference though which is personalization. Some of the ways you can use for the optimization of your videos are,

  • Keyword research.
  • Adding the keywords to the video.
  • Using timestamps.
  • Creating detailed video descriptions.
  • Develop an engaging video thumbnail.
  • Respond to all the comments.

Mention your brand

This might sound pushy or salesy to you. But, in 2023, it is essential that you do it. If done in the right manner, this can give you a lot more revenue organically. Try and mention your brand, both directly and indirectly in your videos. Make it so smooth that it flows with your content.

It also makes it easier for your audience to get to you without making much of an effort. If not sales at first, it definitely increases awareness for your offering.

In such difficult times, it is important to promote your brand as much as you can.

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YouTube advertising

In 2023, you cannot ignore YouTube ads. Apart from organic growth, paid advertising can work wonders for your business. Most of these YouTube ads are in the form of videos, but it is also possible to have banner ads within either the website or the videos.

However, a proper strategy is required to run successful ads. When you are using paid ads, ensure that you are aware of your audience and optimize the visual branding of your YouTube channel together with the description. upload 5 to 10 videos that will allow your visitors to get a sense of your work.

Influencer marketing

The number of YouTube influencers is growing each year. These creators are growing by 50% each year and an average creator makes $10,000 each year. Although new social platforms are popping up all the time such as TikTok in 2021, YouTube is the high-performance channel for brands. About 50% of the brands intending to use influencer marketing will utilize YouTube.

Keep in mind that 70% of the viewers have bought products they saw on YouTube. However, it is not possible to jump straight to an influencer partnership without doing prep work first. Select an influencer that aligns with the brand and can be trusted to develop high-quality content. analyze results after a campaign.


A youtube video strategy can be highly profitable for your business. Make use of these points and check for yourself. However, do keep in mind that no strategy is forever and it is important to keep working on it for best results.

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