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Yelo’s Master Catalog – How can it help your business?

By Zeba Yasmeen 27th December 2022

Let’s first understand what is Master Catalog:

A master catalog allows you to manage inventory and share products across multiple merchants simultaneously. Master catalogs can be assigned to multiple stores. These stores do not have to maintain their own catalogs once the master catalog is created. Instead, they can get access to the live updated version of the master catalog. It’s very helpful when you want to update the same catalog for several stores, rather than updating them all separately.

How can it benefit your business?

  • One master catalog for all stores: simplify the process by easily updating the catalogs of all branches at once instead of separately updating them for each store
  • The master catalog allows easy catalog updates in a single step – you can add products or categories to all of the stores at once
  • Common inventory management through the master catalog: the admin can keep a common inventory for all stores, and any purchases made from any of these stores will be deducted from the master catalog.
  • The brand owner will have control over the catalog, merchants won’t be able to edit the master catalog. Maintaining a common catalog for all stores will help the owner maintain brand recognition.

How to activate it in your store?

Now, if the admin wants to assign the master catalog to the merchant, he/she can enable the master catalog from the order settings. 

The steps to add the master catalog are: 

  1. Start by going to the “configure” section of the dashboard
Master Catalog dashboard
  1. Then go to the order settings > catalog
Master Catalog settings
  1. There will be an option to activate the “master brand” at the top of the screen.
Master Brand
  1. You will be able to see the “master brand” option on the left-hand side of the general menu after activating the Master Brand
Master Catalog
  1. Now, by clicking on the master brand, you will see an “add brand” option in order to create the first brand

Click on add brand > give the brand name 

Master Catalog
  1. After adding the brand name, you will be redirected to the “catalog editing section”

From here, you can add products or categories

catalog editing section
  1. After adding the catalog, you can click on the “action name” of any of your catalogs > go to assign and you can assign this catalog to any of your stores
Master Catalog
  1. You can also manage the “inventory”. Within the inventory, we have a unique update for the master brand feature. Here you have a “merchant wise inventory” and a “universal inventory”

Universal Inventory: If you enable the universal inventory, all the stores to which the brand has been assigned, will cumulate for the same inventory.

Merchant wise inventory: Go to the merchant’s catalog > search by merchant’s name > enable the inventory 

This way, each merchant will be able to store individual inventory for the same product.

Master Catalog Inventory

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