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Tookan Workforce Identity Management App

By Madhura Yale 29th December 2017

Field force management is not an easy feat. It can be a difficult task to keep track of your on-field fleet, manage them efficiently and meet deadlines. Let us not forget the anxiety of being unaware of the current status of your fleet.

Tookan brings you yet another app to make tracking seem like a piece of cake. The new app is ‘Workforce Identity Management’ App for field force Management.This primarily an activity that helps the business owner track his fleet

It helps answer questions like ‘Which agent is online/offline?’ ‘what if the agent is masking identity?’ and makes the tracking experience effortless by seamlessly integrating real-time status of the agent.

It can quickly analyze any image stored in the database. Match the live image with the image in the database. It gives an access to the administrator to be able to collate, upload images. Also an analytical dashboard helps you view live status and be able to track fraud cases if any. Reports help you identify the gaps in security concerns. The agent can share real-time updates, easily log in and also manage work time.

We have 24 clients using this for more than 100 agents and is happy about effectively using this app and have vouched for the benefits listed below. Some of the businesses that can find this useful are Healthcare, Schools & Colleges, Delivery & Logistics companies, Food aggregators, Cannabis, Beauty services and in all those businesses where giving end customer a seamless experience through your agent


#1 The Improvement of Security Level:

Anyone who doesn’t have access or permission and tries to log in will be captured by the recognition system and alerts you instantly about the trespassing.

#2 Easy Integration:

Integratable facial recognition tools work pretty flawlessly with the existing software

#3 Avoid Time fraud:

Time fraud is one of the most common violations of the work ethics, but the facial identification tech will spare you a headache regarding this matter.

#4 Automation:

Any entrepreneur would be fond of the fact that image identification systems are fully automated.

This app is available for a free download on Marketplace.

Available free of cost until end of March.

Click here to try it out.

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