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Why to Start an Online Pharmacy Delivery Business

By Aastha Malhotra 22nd December 2020

Online shopping of apparel, electronics, jewelry, groceries was already on the rise and with COVID-19 it has now become a necessary lifestyle of many. Consumers are in constant fear of getting infected with this virus, therefore they avoid meeting each other or going out to purchase even the daily supplies. Consumers cannot always live with this fear, thus what is it that we are missing which might just be the most important business during this pandemic?

Meeting the consumers’ essential needs by providing them with medicines at their doorstep by turning your local pharmacy into a digital platform is exactly what is the need of the hour. Reportlinker support this solution since it is projected that the global online pharmacy market by revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 20% during the period 2019–2025. Online pharmacy delivery is a great mode to help consumers maintain social distancing as well as supply them with their prescription medicines.

 Happy customers buying from an online pharmacy

NOW is the perfect time to start your very own online pharmacy delivery business and here are some of the reasons:

1. Easy Access

Your online pharmacy delivery business can provide access to a variety of medicines to a larger audience. The consumer does not have to go through the stress of searching for medicine from one local store to another. If a medicine is out of stock, the status of that product can be updated online. They can purchase prescription medicines from the comfort of their home.

Description and correct use of the medicines, reviews by clinical experts, information on recommended substitutes can be easily provided on the marketplace. You can benefit from quick access to a pharmacist via phone, e -mail or live chat. All you require is a perfect marketplace.

2. Simple Ordering Process

For the ordering process, the consumer will only be required to fill in his/her contact information, list of required medication along with the prescription, doctor’s information, any insurance information, and lastly the payment method.

Easy ordering process attracts more customers since it becomes very user-oriented to place orders. Creating the best online ordering system for all types of pharmacies is effortlessly possible with the help of Tookan!

3. Efficient Delivery

With timely and contactless delivery, the online pharmacy delivery business makes it very convenient for the customer to manage their medications. To gain this competitive edge of well-organized delivery systems, a marketplace like Yelo is a must.

Yelo’s efficient delivery management software facilitates route optimization for drivers, shows order fulfillment status, and gives real time tracking and updates.

Customer receiving online pharmacy delivery

4. Round the Clock Service

The stress of keeping your local store open 24/7 as well as the hassle to go buy medicine in the middle of the night can be eliminated with this online pharmacy delivery business model. A pharmacy can be made accessible anytime and anywhere to keep consumers healthy and safe.

5. Seamless Order Management

This online pharmacy delivery business model will enable you to easily manage all orders at one place by consolidating orders and delivery partners, changing menus or enabling/disabling outlet locations; monitoring the number of orders, canceled orders, ratings, and reviews; and finally, analyzing sales reports to view top spenders and analyzing reports that help you to identify opportunities to grow your business.

Get your pharmacy delivered to your doorstep

Now the question is How to Start an Online Pharmacy Delivery Business

Firstly, to start a business, you have to understand its industry. The online drug delivery industry is segmented into oral, pulmonary, injectable, ocular, nasal, topical, implantable, and transmucosal drug delivery.

You have to partner with such a marketplace service provider who can understand the intricacies of an online pharmacy delivery business and provide the following:

  • A user-friendly platform which can make all the necessary information about the medicines, suppliers, prescriptions, medical insurance, available to the consumer.
  • A well-maintained database of consumers’ preferences which facilitates repeat orders.
  • A proper channel for customer engagement and grievance resolution.
  • Efficient delivery systems to ensure timely and contactless delivery.
  • Dedicated 24/7 support in terms of both technological and business issues

With Yelo you can avail all of the above features and much more. It has been one of the most promising marketplace service providers. In our next blog you can learn how to start an Online Pharmaceutical Marketplace. You can also take a look at our guide and get ready to launch your online pharma delivery business

If you want to start your online pharmacy delivery business then Get in touch with us and learn more.

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