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Why Online Fitness Consultation Is The New Mainstream?

By Zeba Yasmeen 17th May 2021
Online Fitness

With the closure of gyms and fitness centers last year, it wasn’t long enough for workout junkies to switch to the internet to continue their fitness sessions uninterrupted. Complementarily, the number of people using fitness apps grew by almost 20 million from 2019 to 2020 in the United States alone! Fitness enthusiasts who trusted in-house sessions more are now pushed to try online fitness solution. And it skyrocketed the demand for effective fitness programs online. 

With gyms offering free classes on Instagram to paid sessions on zoom, online fitness is now incorporated into our lives through new outlets. It is not all about the video consultation. It’s about the user experience from running a search to realizing a workout class or a nutritionist’s appointment.

While it can be a high-intensity workout with an instructor or just a simple consultation with a health expert – Fitness is an umbrella that harbors a variety of business models and service offerings to explore. Switching online has been a boon to many fitness businesses in these times as well. Digitization has now become the future of fitness. In this blog, we’ll explore why online fitness is becoming the new normal and how you can harness this opportunity!

Why were we prompt to adapt to Online Fitness?

The online fitness era offers different ways to relay the content to users. Like on-demand, live-streaming group sessions, personal training. While on-demand content works just like any other OTT platform, live-streaming and personal training let users interact with their instructors in real-time. Here’s why digital fitness is becoming prevalent today –

Autonomy and flexibility

Offline fitness solutions come with the rigidity digital fitness aims to alleviate. Online fitness particularly works well for people with busy schedules who find it hard to take out time to hit the gym. They prefer an alternative which is available when it’s convenient for them. Digital fitness lets users work out from the comfort of their homes. And if they are not able to show up for a session, a digital fitness platform offers more convenient options to reschedule to a later time or cancel, if need be.

Comfort and safety

Crowded fitness centers can be anxiety-inducing for some users, straying their attention away from their own health to their surroundings. Coupled with safety concerns during the pandemic, some people may not feel comfortable working out in a public place. Online fitness, on the other hand, lets people stretch a limb or two from wherever they are. Not only can it be more relaxing for users, but also go a long way in preventing any possible infection spread.

How will Online fitness transform in the future?

The fitness industry in 2020 took a stark turn into adapting to evolving consumer expectations. Many argue that the fitness industry will become fully functional offline once the pandemic ends. Here are the reasons why we believe online fitness is here to stay in the future –

All-inclusive definition of health

Physical health has always gained precedence over mental well-being in a conventional setting. We often overlook emotional health. However, being just physically healthy is not all users look for – it’s the overall body and mind strength that matters. So, now with operational online gyms, the demand for online therapists, meditation centers, psychologists, and psychiatrists will rise too. 

Technological evolution

Whether it’s AI-powered home equipment or wearable technology, the fitness industry is brimming with innovative solutions to manage and monitor health. These tech solutions, coupled with digital fitness consultations can provide a comprehensive user experience. Now, users want to track every metric in the body – heartbeat, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and more. The technologically savvy population that signs up for online fitness will look for an integrated fitness service from service or product brands.

Digital communities

Online Fitness

Socialization is instinctual in humans. While fitness is the primary reason, offline gyms contribute to fostering a sense of belongingness within people with the same interests. This will aid in stimulating vibrant communities of like-minded people. Furthermore, social media will be the binding glue among people and can strongly propagate reviews and testimonials of different fitness offerings. Online fitness businesses can leverage this to acquire and retain customers.

Rethink Fitness with Panther!

Online fitness is not just limited to gyms. It’s a broad set of various business ideas that all contribute to the thriving fitness industry. You can build just any kind of online fitness business with Panther – yoga classes, meditation groups, aerobics, psychotherapy, and more.

Sign up with Panther today and take your fitness business online – within a day! 

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