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Why legalization of marijuana is most awaited by Canadians?

By Sahil Sankhla 20th April 2018

The debate for legalizing marijuana has been going on from years. However, Canada is inching closer to fulfill the government’s election promise to make marijuana legal in the country for recreational use. marijuana will be available for recreational consumption, legally, by the end of summer and, accordingly, Canadian cultivators are preparing for the expected surge in demand fueling the nascent marijuana business..

Marijuana legalization in Canada Infographic

With the legalization process taking effect in a few months, marijuana will see a transition from being a counter-culture movement to an essential part of the Canadian social and economic culture.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Marijuana legalization opens up doors for people who want to start their own business in both medical and recreational markets. Almost all the provinces have shown a green flag to the online medium of carrying out marijuana business, which makes this industry even more progressive and easy to get into. Even investors are keen to finance startups realizing the huge potential of marijuana business.

More Jobs

The demand is expected to see a huge spike when customers start ordering after the legalization comes into effect which is why the production and the entire supply chain system will have to be scaled up resulting in creation of a huge number of jobs.

Steady Flow of Income

With more and more startups entering this new space and expansion of the employment scope happening with respect to the increase in demand, Canadians can be ensured of a steady flow in income especially when the government is fully backing them.

Tax Revenue

As per the recent estimates by Marijuana Business Daily, Canada can hit between $2.3 billion and $4.5 billion in annual sales by 2021 which will result in proportionally high tax revenue generation. This tax will strongly support the educational and health infrastructure along with all other sectors.

How Technology is going to support this fledgling industry

Technology is going to play a very important role in concreting this new industry. With businesses transiting from brick and mortar stores to the virtual world, the marijuana industry will be no different in terms of infrastructure and business models.

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