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Why is Morrisons so successful?

By Vishal Thakur 22nd April 2022

Morrisons is one of the oldest retail market players in the retail segment in the UK. 

Nutmeg clothing is one of the Company’s products. It also offers Free From, World Foods, and Food To Go. 

It produces food items including meats, fish, bread, fruit, vegetables, and flowers. All Morrison’s beef, lamb, pork, chicken, milk, and eggs are sourced in the United Kingdom. 

A total of 500 stores and online home delivery services are operated by the company in the United Kingdom. 

The company also operates ten manufacturing facilities across the country. 

It has seven regional distribution centres and one national distribution centre that serves its supermarkets.

It offers online home delivery and operates nearly 500 supermarkets across the United Kingdom. 

Morrisons’ customer support centre responds to customer questions related to their store experience, food orders, loyalty cards, and other concerns through phone, social media, and email. 

In order to automatically direct home delivery customers to support teams in their region, Morrison’s used Amazon Lex, a service that uses artificial intelligence to create conversational interfaces for applications.

Why is Morrisons so successful: Tookan delivery management software

Amazon Lex helped every customer find the appropriate support specialist.

Over 9 million customers pass through their doors every week, and over 118,000 colleagues across the business work hard to provide them with great service.  

Their online delivery service covers over 97% of UK postcodes. 

Every day, they help their customers save money with competitive, permanently low prices.

How did Morrisons become UK’s 4th Largest Supermarket Chain?

Why is Morrisons so successful: Tookan delivery management software

William Morrison founded the company in 1899 as an egg and butter merchant in Rawson Market, Bradford, England. 

The company operated under the name Wm Morrison Limited at the time. When Ken Morrison was 21 years old, he took over the business. 

Morrisons opened its first store in the city centre in 1958.

It was originally a subsidiary of American Safeway Inc., but was sold off in 1987. 

Morrisons acquired Safeway in March 2004. Safeway was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was a component of the FTSE 100 Index. 

Morrisons rebranded most of its 479 stores, while others were sold.

Morrisons’s Market and Acquisitions

Morrisons acquisitions

As The Morrisons chain employs about 110,000 people and serves about 11 million customers each week as of February 2021. In August 2017, Morrisons’ market share was 10.14 %, down from 15.32 % in 2015, but ahead of Aldi (7%).

FreshDirect Deal With Morrisons  

In 2011, Morrisons purchased a 10% stake in New York-based online grocer FreshDirect for £31 million. 

Morrisons began a home delivery initiative in January 2014, after sending a team to New York to learn about the business ahead of its slated launch in 2013. 

As a result of the financial difficulties Morrisons was facing and because it had established its own online shopping site, FreshDirect was no longer necessary. 

The sale was completed for £45 million in August 2016.

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How is Morrisons different from its competitors?

  • The Morrisons distribution network and supply chain are efficient
  • Customers can purchase a variety of products from it, such as food, beverages, music, clothes, etc 
  • Morrisons is one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK
  • The company has more than 500 stores in the UK and employs more than 130,000 people
  • It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE Index
  • Morrisons has built its reputation with notable acquisitions in the past
  • The company’s business has increased thanks to online retailing and shopping
  • Morrisons has a reputation for excellence. 
  • It also focuses on families

The vertically integrated supply chain, Market Street, and specialized staff of Morrisons allow it to stand out among other supermarkets. As it strives to protect its market share from discounters, it needs to rely on these strengths.

From Bradford Market Stall to becoming Britain’s supermarket of the year Beating Tesco, Aldi and Lidl

Why is Morrisons so successful: Tookan delivery management software

Morrisons won the top spot for its strong financial results. 

Sales increased by 9% between January and March, online sales tripled and the Morrisons on Amazon same-day service was launched in 50 towns.

As part of Morrison’s commitment to future-thinking initiatives, it supplies the new Amazon Fresh stores and launches Market Kitchen, which offers customers the chance to have a freshly cooked meal while shopping for groceries.

They did a lot of creative things around the pandemic, such as offering food boxes and telephone orders to the most vulnerable people. 

In addition to opening more stores, it also launched a concept known as Market Kitchen, which is an excellent food service concept that could drive foot traffic to its stores.

Morrisons and Amazon Partnership – a Kicker for Sales

Morrisons partnership with amazon: Tookan delivery management software

In August 2020, Morrisons, the UK’s fourth-largest grocery store, signed a deal with Amazon that allowed its customers to order fresh and frozen foods online. 

Even though the supermarket was relatively late to the eCommerce game, this new partnership has turned it into a leader in the online grocery delivery market. 

  1. Geeting more accessible to customers

After the partnership, Prime members could easily find the Morrisons products that they know and love. 

  1. Fast delivery options

Prime members receive free same-day delivery – with time slots of two hours – on orders over £40, and orders below £40 are subject to a fee of £3.99. Morrisons employees pick orders from local stores and deliver them via Amazon Flex Delivery Partners.

  1. Competitive prices

A wide range of multi-buy promotions will deliver great value for money along with thousands of items at the same price as Morrisons stores.

  1. Competitive advantage 

Launching Morrisons on Amazon has given Morrisons a bigger audience and increased visibility, as well as giving their customers an even wider selection. 

As they continue to improve, millions of Prime members can soon benefit from same-day delivery from Morrisons shops at no extra charge.

The best part is that now customers can receive Morrisons groceries straight to their doorstep, along with freshly prepared products from Market Street.

The Future of Morrisons Supermarket 

Future of Morrisons: Tookan delivery management software
  1. A Strategic Partnership

Morrisons had contracted with an online grocery delivery company Ocado to sell its own-brand service. 

In order to expand beyond this, they need to partner with a third party, and since Amazon had been looking for ways to expand into food delivery, their partnership would make perfect sense.

  1. E-Commerce opportunities 

Morrisons has only a moderate presence in the UK in spite of its competitive app and strong online presence. 

The new deal would allow them to become a major player in the food delivery industry as their online reach would be expanded to the whole of the United Kingdom.

  1. A Drop in Morrisons Supermarkets 

Consequently, Morrisons may be able to consolidate its retail estate as more and more consumers shop online, focusing on click & collect services from Amazon and expanding its ancillary businesses such as dry cleaning and catering.

  1. Challenge for Amazon 

There is a challenge for Amazon in maintaining its margins (which are typically low, favouring growth). Despite building one of the largest logistics operations in the world, Amazon will face new challenges in delivering fresh and frozen food.

What Does This Deal Mean for Retailers? 

what can retailers learn from Morrisons: Tookan delivery management software

You should keep an eye on what Amazon does next. 

Will they be bringing more food from Morrisons or possibly even start bringing food from other supermarkets? 

As Amazon recently expanded its logistics reach by moving into maritime shipping, perhaps we will see Amazon offer its logistics services to more third parties over time. 

Morrisons is becoming a household name in the UK online grocery market after offering next day or even next hour delivery. 

Partnering with the largest retailer in the world can help the retailer grow. 

Or maybe Amazon is considering acquiring the retailer.

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