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Why Building A Loyal Customer Base Is Important

By Zeba Yasmeen 19th June 2021

The customer-purchasing process could be a long and winding road. Multiple touchpoints on multiple channels intertwine to make a buyer’s journey that’s difficult to predict and influence to form an acquisition. Within a B2B pharmaceutical and natural science new business context, things are harder yet.

Even for the seasoned marker, marketing to draw in new customers and clients going into 2020 is difficult.

But assuming you have already got a roster of shoppers or clients on your books, you’ll focus less on the acquisition and focus more on keeping current customers happy and returning for more. It makes total sense: Spend longer with the clients you have got already won and stop chasing around aggressively searching for new clients. The costs associated also will be but the prices related to customer acquisition. To attain this, you’ll be able to look to make brand loyalty and reward your loyal customers.

Customer satisfaction levels

When it comes to customer satisfaction, there are five levels of measurement: 

  • Not satisfied: The customer felt their needs were not met.
  • Slightly satisfied: The customer felt that some needs were met but most were not.
  • Satisfied: The customer got what they expected.
  • Very satisfied: The customer got what they expected plus some pleasant surprises.
  • Extremely satisfied: All expectations were completely exceeded for the customer. 

5 Tips for Building a Loyal Customer Base

1. Offer Flawless Customer Service


It’s difficult to form a product/service that doesn’t have flaws, and your customers get that. But when something goes wrong, you would like to be there for the purchasers. By developing a culture that lives and breathes customer service, you’re more likely to scale back your churn. At the identical time, it’s imperative to leverage the correct communication tools. Frequent communications via the proper channels keep you fresh in their minds. It will enable you to unravel their queries and depart from this world’s crucial information. The subsequent customer communication channels are great ways to be there for your customers.

Live Chat: Live chat may be a quick and simple thanks to connecting your support agents with customers in real-time. Furthermore, with texting and hyper-connectivity becoming mainstream, this fits right into their digital habits. Agents can reach customers at precise moments in their purchase journey. Meanwhile, customers receive instant access to your support teams. What’s more? Live chat can even be leveraged to push warm leads all thanks to the tip of the sales funnel by easing the onboarding process.

Video and Voice Call: Dedicated tools that launch video and voice calls at just a click of the button make it very convenient for patrons to quickly connect with support agents for more comprehensive support sessions. Some video and voice call tools offer advanced features like zero downloads, one-click activation, one- or two-way video, and automatic recording.

Chatbots: AI-based chatbots can help to scale your customer support efforts overnight. A power-packed tool can even automate the handling of the maximum amount as 80% of your customer queries! And when conversations take a fancy turn, they will be intelligently handed off to the proper agents.

2. Hunt down customer feedback


One of the largest keys to improving and retaining customer loyalty is seeking out customer feedback. Sending out surveys, asking questions on phone calls, and keeping track of your ratings while soliciting for the maximum amount of feedback you’ll be able to get will ultimately be very telling in how you’ll be able to improve your customer service.

Online reviews and comments or tags on social channels or other online forums are great places to reply to both positive and negative customer feedback. Doing so will show that you just engage with all customers which you’re taking real criticism seriously so as to best serve your customers.

Sometimes it’s best to require negative responses during a private channel. After engaging in a very particularly negative comment, you’ll ask to modify to a non-public message or email so as to raised serve their needs.

For regeneration, you’ll be able to ask to showcase customers’ messages. you will even ask to conduct a follow-up interview or other style of engagement to urge more out of the nice review. it’s also good to always reward your customers for his or her positive contributions!

3. Create a Sense of community

With such a big amount of social media platforms, there’s no excuse for not creating a community. Communities are efficient thanks to starting a conversation along with your customers and encourage user-generated content. for instance, you’ll be able to ask customers to share pictures of them using your product and sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

4. Don’t neglect existing customers

It’s incredibly easy to forget your existing customers when you’re busy trying to achieve new customers. To avoid frustrating your loyal customers, confirm that your product or service doesn’t diminish over time.

5. Develop a homogenous brand identity

If customers can identify together with your company and feel good about it, they’re going to be more likely to stay loyal. Create the same, clearly defined identity for your business or product. Advertise to create brand awareness. Make sure all social media communications are in line together with your brand values. Provide consistently high levels of customer service.

6. Communicate your values


Before you can increase customer loyalty, you should first understand what aspects of your brand are worthy of your customers’ loyalty. Sit down with your team and come up with a marketing strategy that outlines what makes your brand stand out, what your purpose is, and how your values align with your customers’ core beliefs.

Specifically, your marketing should focus on those brand attributes that are unique to your brand and where you can stand out from your competitors. Sometimes standing out can mean standing up, which is becoming more common. Two-thirds of customers now buy based on belief, according to an Edelman study. But you don’t necessarily need to get political. In fact, that might not be true to your values. Your brand values should be your guiding light. Be firm in your beliefs and communicate them authentically. if you want to know more in detail, you can give it a read – top ways for businesses to build customer loyalty.


By now, you must have a much better plan to gain client loyalty. However, the talent of consumer retention comes through expertise, and it involves some trial and error. The necessary factor is that you just keep faithful to your initial vision, keep your eyes open for brand new market desires and opportunities, and always try to deliver high-quality. If you are doing all the above, building a powerful consumer base isn’t an undoable accomplishment for your company.

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