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Why and how to start a Tea delivery business online?

By Shivika Adlakha 15th December 2020

Are you a tea fanatic and also want to start your tea business today?

Let’s start the business online! An online tea selling business could be as successful as selling clothes online. Yes, we’re right, and we have got our guide to help you with. 

“So let’s start sipping some tea and pour some great ideas out!”

tea delivery business online

Why choose TEA as a business? 

Did we know that the world’s tea market was worth 52 billion US dollars in 2018 and is expected to rise to over 81 billion dollars by 2026? Yes, it’s true, and we can say a large part of the world runs on TEA!

Tea is considered to be an auspicious beverage and it’s so important that we cannot have a ceremony where tea is not served or a day where a tea lover or an addict would skip their cup of tea. It has been in use for many years and we see a rising trend for the same.

Let’s discover more about how to start your business online!

Expand your brand

When you plan on starting any business online it’s equally important to have a check on your budget and profits that your business will be making. So this is about starting your tea business and it can definitely have orders which could be small in quantity without many margins. Hence, it’s important to cover up the costs and find ways to make big profits.

Do not just sell tea but other products related to it for example you can add products like tea sets, teacups or mugs, teapots, creamers, etc so you can make your brand all about tea and its products.  And this is how you can make bigger profits and numbers.

Steps to start the tea delivery business online!

tea delivery business online

Let’s not wonder anymore and start your online delivery business today with these easy steps. Here is the guide at your service: 

Competitor Research: Always know your competitors before you enroll in a competition! It’s very important to have a detailed analysis of your competitors which will help you know the type of business model they follow, their delivery system, their target market, services that they offer to their customers. All of this information can help you form your business model. 

Discover your market segment: With a large number of tea varieties available in the market, you have a long list of options to start your business with. You can either sell the basic tea leaves or flavored ones like peach, chamomile, rose, etc while you can also target the health sector and sell some healthy options like green tea, organic herbal teas, etc. 

Be an expert of TEA: Expertise in your product whichever business you start. And when it’s about starting your tea business you have the option to excel in it, as there are various certificates that you can apply for your brand to create a sense of trust and worthiness among your customers. 

Pick your brand name: One of the factors that always has it’s impact and helps to turn any business into a brand is it’s name. Yes, it is very crucial to give your brand an attractive name that can help your target market to recognise and consider your brand. Make your business sound like a brand with its NAME! 

Set-up your domain: After going through the above mentioned steps it’s now time to set-up the platform for your business which is your website. Establish a decent working website that is easily accessible on mobile phones or desktop so that it’s always a good and smooth ordering experience for your customers. Launching your website now is just like a walk in the park.

Yelo, an online marketplace can help create a seamless website that includes all the necessary features for an online tea delivery business. Make Yelo your business partner and launch your business in no time. 

Shout out about your business: Once you’ve established your website, it’s now your turn to start brand’s awareness in the market. Advertising your brand online is one of the easiest and choicest ways to aware your customers about your brand. You can use various social media platforms like instagram, facebook, twitter to do smart advertising and Yelo can also help you with email marketing for your business.

Are you now ready to take off? 

tea delivery business online

With it’s fully customizable and handy features, Yelo is just a perfect match for your online tea business. It can help you establish an ideal delivery business online. 

Yelo’s simple tools and unique features help you to do your business from a single dashboard, on the go. This platform can be custom designed for a tea delivery business, allowing you to save time and money. You will also be able to provide powerful customer support to your valuable customers through the pre-built app chat support. Yelo comes with a host of features:

  • Fully customizable interface
  • Login through social media
  • Real-Time Chat 
  • Payments Integrations
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Ratings and Reviews

While you always have an option of extension with Yelo, where you can have more than one platform. Like one of the delivery management software, Tookan that can help you and your customers to track their orders real time. Has 50+ payment options, route optimization for the agents and what not! Read more to have some details on the same. 

Let’s make your dreams come true and your project live and to do it smartly let’s make YELO and TOOKAN your project partner. 

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more information!

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