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Washmen: Dubai & Abu Dhabi’s Favourite Laundry & Dry Clean

By Sahil Sankhla 20th April 2018

Washmen is a mobile-based laundry service based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which provides a flexible pick-up and delivery of laundry to their customers. They operate on an asset-free business model. It outsources its logistics to freelance drivers and partners with laundromats with under-utilized facilities, providing both effortless demand and additional revenue streams. In exchange for this convenience, Washmen secures wholesale pricing agreements and transfers these savings to its customers.

Washmen Case Summary

Being an on-demand laundry service, Washmen faced a number of challenges from the beginning itself, especially with resource management. These are the three big challenges that were drastically impacting their business:

  1. Optimization and management of logistics
  2. Transparency in the delivery operations
  3. Improvement in fleet efficiency

We provided them with Tookan’s unmatched service that helped them:

  • assign tasks, schedule, dispatch, and manage orders by automating repetitive tasks
  • access real time data, vehicle tracking and driver performance
  • optimize routes, schedules, and resource allocation
  • analyze data and formulate reports to improve and optimize operational performance

As a result, their operational efficiency improved by 15%, and now they are carrying out 24,000 transactions per month becoming Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s favourite laundry and dry-clean service.

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