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 Use Tookan template to brand your reputation!

By Savita Dhawan 29th March 2018

There are many stages in the business cycle such as getting a lead, turning the lead into a prospect, working towards the sale, closing the sale, and then making the magic happen i.e – delivering what was promised. Tookan is a platform that brings all these necessities in one place and aids in streamlining the business process. Tookan allows you to automatically fetch orders using open API’s. It helps in auto-assigning the task, tracks workforce, fleet management, route optimization and also tracks deliveries. Thus tookan is a smart and easy way to manage on-demand deliveries.

Some of the existing features that tookan provides are:

  • Powerful Analytics
  • Automation of logistics
  • Notification and alerts
  • Real-time tracking
  • Easy navigation
  • Route optimization
  • Control to customers etc

In addition to all this, tookan has come up with a new feature i.e the Templates for Tookan – which are the predefined designs embedded into Tookan, thus adding yet another feather to its cap.

Nowadays, there has been an underlying cultural demand for customization, this is only set to rise as technology makes it easier for industries to tailor the products to their clients. The template helps your brand become a well-oiled machine. Consumers are now expecting product templates to satisfy the growing demand for choice.

Thus, Tookan’s template feature will be beneficial to industries in the following ways

  • Deliver true customer value and achieve the superior competitive advantage
  • Helps to frame the overall brand strategy
  • Build and define brand equity
  • Will offer the visual enhancement of a product
  • Stronger online presence
  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Customization makes a long-lasting impressing in customer’s mind by delivering something unique to them

Tookan is all set to provide a fully personalized online order experience where users can customize and see their products before they’re ordering. This will also give a big advantage over its competitors. With this new template feature, the customer will get to create the product exactly how he or she envisions it.

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