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How to Update your Business Plan for 2021?

By Radhika Jain 22nd June 2020


The rise of globalization and the evolution of technology has led to a major transformation in the business sector. We know that the only constant factor is change, which means that businesses need to continuously adapt and improve. One major change has been the digital transformation of businesses. 

Business plans have to be updated regularly. With the boom of technology, many companies are ensuring that they have an online presence to adapt to changing markets. So, if you’re wondering how to update your business plans for the year 2020, the answer is digital transformation. 

Before we get into how you can update your business plans for the 2020s, consider a few things. Where do you want your business to be by the end of 2020? What are other competitors doing to stay on top of their game? What are some major gaps in your business plan and how can you fill them? This process might seem daunting, but here are a few steps that can help you update your business plans. 

  1. Brainstorming

It is important to take the time to think about different aspects of your current and future business plans. Deciding which direction to take and what changes need to be made requires time and patience. Help your business stay on top of its game by brainstorming different ideas regularly. This is the first step in coming up with a business plan template. 

  1. Monthly and Annual Reviews

Although there have to be a constant review of business strategies, monthly and annual reviews are a must. Annual reviews help you gather large amounts of data and apply the same to improve your market, whereas monthly reviews can help alter strategies and push your business in the right direction. 

  1. Getting Feedback

Gaining customer feedback is vital to improving your business and filling gaps in the market. A customer that is retained is much more valuable than a new one. Increasing customer satisfaction and implementing necessary changes can help your product or service go a long way. Figuring out what problems you’re helping your customer solve is important to retain them as well as improve your product. 

  1. Developing Strategies/Goal-Setting

Business planning outlines require having a clear vision or goal. When you come up with clearly defined strategies, both short-term and long-term, it allows your business to function smoothly. However, because market trends are always changing, it is important to be aware of those changes and constantly alter or change existing business strategies. 

  1. Figuring out Funding and Training

Another important step in updating your business plans is to see how much funding you will need. Having a clear strategy and plan will help attract the right investors. You also need to invest funds into training your staff to operate new and improved methods of working, especially if you’re switching to a digital platform. 

  1. Keeping up with Changing Markets

Market analysis is key. See what other competitors are doing that are improving their reach and sales. Identify gaps in your current market and apply the necessary strategies to fill them. If it means hiring someone for a completely new role, do it. With the kind of fast-paced lives that we lead and constant change in market trends, having the ability to quickly adapt to change is important. 

  1. Digitisation 

Because the world has now shifted to a digital platform, it only makes sense for businesses to do the same. Most companies operate on a digital platform and have seen tangible benefits of doing so. Including digitization as part of your updated business plan will undoubtedly transform your business and help you tap into a larger market. Many platforms can help your business go digital. Yelo is one such platform.

Digitizing with Yelo

Yelo is a platform that helps you create an online marketplace while providing end-to-end solutions for the same. If you have a business idea, Yelo can help establish an on-demand business platform for you. With features such as customer mobile applications, ordering websites, merchant apps, and much more, you have all the tools you need to update your business plans and move on to a digital platform. Many integrated partners like Google Analytics, Paytm, Xero, Okroute, and others help add credibility to your business.


Digitization is the new normal. Adding the element of digitization transformation is just what your business needs to reach the next level. Having a dynamic business plan that can adapt to any type of change in the market is the key to success in the 2020s.

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