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Flash Delivery increases online sales by 45% with Yelo

Flash Delivery, also known as MJs, is a popular convenience store in the UK. It has been there for the past 25 years serving the community.

MJs, a family owned business is now being expanded by the younger generation. 22 year old Leon Whittaker is following in his father’s footsteps and wants to take the family business to another level. He quips, “There hasn’t been a day in my life when I have not been into the store. This is what I always wanted to do, nothing else.”

Leon was 19 when he thought of taking the business online. He started with 3-5 deliveries a day and is now doing more than 200 deliveries.

With Yelo, Flash Delivery

-Increased online sales by 45%

-Went from 10 to 250 orders a day

-Increased efficiency by 75%

-Became a brand

Tune in to learn how Leon achieved this and where Yelo played it’s part in the success.

The Clients Corner by Yelo

Challenges before Yelo

Leon states that before Covid, they were running their delivery operations through an unknown web application. 

“It was horrendous”, he says. 

Leon had first thought of going for a third party delivery but instead went for their own. The app gave them a tough time but they continued due to lack of research.

But, as soon as the lockdown happened, their orders skyrocketed. The demand soared and the app crumbled.

It was also a tough time as big delivery players such as Gorillas and Gopuff started entering their market. 

“We got really worried as the big players were offering quicker deliveries and bigger discounts. That’s when we started looking for a white labelled solution. I researched and went to developers from America to Ukraine but all we got was disappointment. People quoted us in millions but showed us nothing. There was no actual app to look at.”

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When they found Yelo

Leon came across our online ordering platform and found it a perfect fit for his business.

“I never knew such a platform existed. It is what an entrepreneur like me could wish for. You can actually see what your store’s going to look like and it is totally customisable. And it makes you launch so quick.”

Leon says that they have witnessed a 45% increase in sales through delivery since they shifted to Yelo.

He also lists some specific advantages of the platform that really worked for him.

Pocket-friendly: Yelo’s flexible payment plans made it easy for him to kickstart an online business without spending much.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Tracking and payment integrations: Yelo’s tracking integration with Tookan made life for him and his customers easy. He says, “Customers did not have to call multiple times in a day to check where are their orders. It gave us a lot of relief and increased customer satisfaction.

His customers found the platform really easy to use and easy to pay with the payment integrations. All these integrations are reputed brands which makes one stress free.

No missed orders: With Yelo’s advanced features, Leon and his team could keep a track of all the orders. Unlike his previous app, where he was losing orders. He says it has increased efficiency upto 75%.

Leon happily quips, “Yelo has completely changed the business. Not only have we scaled via it, but we have become a brand. People don’t know about MJs anymore, all they know is Flash app.”

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On being Yelo’s ‘local hero’

Leon had to face a lot of pressure with the big players coming in. But, his vision of staying true to the community made him win against the odds. He is now planning to launch his franchisees all over the UK. We honour him as Yelo’s local hero and asked him how he sailed through.

This is what he said.

On big players 

Big players are scary but they cannot enter a community. People want to buy from a brand they feel they have an emotional connection with. If you give people that and a great service, why will they go to the big players? Do something that separates you from them and shine. 

On dark stores

I don’t feel the dark store model wins. Everyone is competing against each other and they will lower the prices for that but it won’t work. Instead, community stores should go for incremental sales. 

On Quick commerce

Customers do not want rapid delivery. What they want is consistency. Don’t over promise. 

Leon and his success story inspired us truly. If you felt the same, do share it with your community.

If you are a local entrepreneur, looking for some guidance on how to kickstart or scale your business, get in touch with us today.

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