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Two-way Screen Sharing with Fugu

Ever thought that you can view your friend’s screen even if he is located on the other side of the earth? That’s where Fugu Jumps In. Fugu, the One Stop Office Communication Suite now introduces screen sharing.

Fugu’s screen sharing feature plays a vital role in today’s arsenal of web meeting tools. Whether you are running a big business group or a small startup, screen sharing solution can add tremendous value to your business meetings.

A problem shared is a problem halved

Effective screen sharing is more than just being able to see each others’ desktop. Which is why Fugu is introducing a screen sharing feature. Now you can

  • Allow the hosts of meetings to transfer videos with the presentations and images.
  • Eliminate the need for participants to have to download anything before a meeting begins.  
  • Allows every attendee to view one or more visual aids submitted by a host simultaneously and this allows the host to continue presenting seamlessly.

Screen share tools enhance the team productivity, even if they are sitting remotely. All you must do is open your desktop or mobile application and attend a meeting or finish an assignment along with your co-workers. You won’t miss out on anything which is resulting in the improved productivity. This tool has been quite beneficial as a major part of the projects are being discussed over an online meeting that it has lowered down the official travel expenses of various businesses.

Fugu as a one-stop office suite offers you screen sharing along with tons of features for your business which will boost your team productivity ultimately pushing your business to a whole new level.

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