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Trucking Dispatch Companies to watch out for

By apoorva 21st November 2016


In a report released in 2015, the American Trucking Associations projects that freight volume will increase by almost 30% by 2026. Trucking Dispatch industry has come a long way, Trucking dispatch companies on the face of it don’t look like a big deal, but what they manage to do is an immense job. Trucking dispatch companies are made of strong communication to enable easy interaction amongst truck drivers, dispatchers and customers. Decision making, organizational skills and multitasking abilities lie as the core skill in a trucking dispatch companies. A good portion of these companies use satellite tracking systems and GPS technology for monitoring locations of their trucks. Truck dispatching is responsible for coordinating the transport of freight between destinations, whether the destinations are across town or across the country. They arrange for the pickup and delivery schedules of all the company’s drivers, whether they’re driving small local delivery vehicles or long-haul rigs. Besides that, they are responsible for consolidating the orders of freight so that trailers are filled before setting out on the way to their destinations. When there’s a specialized load of freight requiring that special handling or safety protocols be followed, the dispatcher ensures that the driver handling that load is certified and adequately trained to do the job properly.The dispatcher is responsible for making sure that all assets of a trucking company are properly utilized. This includes the trucks, as well as, the drivers.

The trucking industry relies on safe drivers to complete deliveries. Often referred to as the backbone of American industry, truck drivers are typically thought of as the foundation of the system. However, they are not the only employees responsible for its success. Dispatchers play an essential role and are in high demand. Besides all this, dispatchers also help keep records, monitor driver daily logs for errors or violations, keep tab on driver’s working hours and equipment availability. Except all these responsibilities dispatchers are supposed to know the weather of all their drivers locations, so as to foresee any potential issues. Although in the age of the internet there are a variety of apps to aid both the drivers and dispatchers, but most of the work requires good intuition and knowledge of the industry.


Top 10 Trucking Companies

1. Arkansas Best: Good pay goes a long way, and so do great company cultures and values. This nationwide hauler moves less-than-truckload cargoes of packages and commodities across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

2. Old Dominion Freight Line:  From a single truck running a 94-mile route in Virginia to a global transportation company with nearly 20,000 employees, OD has a rich and proud heritage. The values that drove our founders decades ago still inspire us today-helping you, and the world, keep promises. Old Dominion specializes in less-than-load cargo shipping. Having been in the business for eighty years, they know a thing or two about logistics, supply chain and expedited shipping. They serve the entire country from their base in Thomasville, North Carolina through a network of 200 distribution centers. 

3. FedEx: The this has-to-get-there-overnight parcel delivery service has a reputation for passion in their service and their people recommend FedEx as an employer by a margin of three to one. They also have a gigantic fleet of ground vehicles of all sizes that require drivers for parcel delivery and line haul positions.FedEx Express invented express distribution and is the industry’s global leader, providing rapid, reliable, time-definite delivery to more than 220 countries and territories, connecting markets that comprise more than 90 percent of the world’s gross domestic product within one to three business days.

4. Pitt Ohio: Pitt Ohio delivers freight across North America by the truckload, LTL, and parcel delivery service. Pitt Ohio employees love the company and the CEO has a stellar rating on Glass Door, but the company has a reputation for valuing seniority over hard work at some depots. At PITT OHIO, their legacy began with Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) service. They take great pride in delivering quality service that is the best in the industry and for over thirty years, PITT OHIO has been a leader in the LTL industry delivering to more destinations next-day than any other carrier.

5. Prime Inc.: This company is North America’s  most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal carrier, provides safe, reliable and continuous on-time service to its expanding international customer base.Independent contractors routinely benefit from Prime’s exceptional lease plan which offers virtually unlimited earning potential. Experienced contractors can get into a late-model 455-horsepower Freightliner with no money down and no credit check. Incorporated is all about long distance driving OTR, so it is a company for present and future road warriors who thrive away from home for long periods. Prime offers paid CDL driver training, and that adds an obligation to stay with the company or pay a penalty for the time cut short.

6. Southeastern Freight Lines: As the name suggests, this less-than-truckload freight-hauling enterprise works in the Southeastern United States as well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. When Southeastern Freight Lines made its first delivery over 60 years ago, the mission of that driver was exactly the same as it is for each associate today: to meet or exceed the needs of every customer – every single time.
The driving force behind this company is their commitment to adding value through everything they do or, as their motto says, providing Quality Without Question. They have relationships with companies in other regions that transship across the country. 

7. United Parcel Service: The brown trucks and uniforms of UPS are a feature of everyday modern life. Employees appreciate this company for its generous pay packages, in exchange for hard work. The career and promotions are there if you can stick around through the super-busy holiday season at the end of the year. Available positions are limited by low turnover so you will have to be patient. The lesson is that happy employees stick around.

8. Universal Truckload Services: 
Truckload Services is part of Universal Logistics Holdings, a group that appears to be expanding its business and very popular with its employees also. Universal has comprehensive training and promotes from within, one of the largest and safest Owner Operator and Agency based truckload carriers in the nation and was recently formed out of the recent merger of four powerhouse truckload carriers; Great American Lines, Louisiana Transportation, The Mason and Dixon Lines and Universal Am-Can, Ltd.The service offerings of the four businesses remain unchanged. Universal Truckload, Inc. honors all customer obligations and contracts existing prior to the merger of these businesses. The name Universal Truckload better reflects their evolution as a leading truckload carrier and who they are today as an organization.

9. United Road Services: This national company specializes in car hauling, and that is a well-paid driving job. United Road is the premier auto transport expert, shipping over three million vehicles annually throughout the United States and Canada.What makes them the best? United Road was founded in 1997 and serves every need of the auto transport industry. United Road’s customer list includes major automakers, manufacturers, remarketers, financial institutions, leasing companies, auctioneers, dealers, retail, and single individuals.

10. Quality Distribution: This company has a reputation that reflects the company name in the minds of its employees, Quality Distribution. At Quality Distribution Inc. (QDI), availability, reliability and dependability have been watchwords for more than 100 years. From their humble beginnings as a small operation hauling lime and milk to where they are today- operating the largest bulk tank truck network in North America- they haven’t forgotten the importance of being available, reliable and dependable. reviewing workers speak of a healthy life/work balance, as well as favorable pay and benefits. The company HQ is located in Tampa, Florida and specializes in moving truckloads of bulk liquids, including oil and gas, and other hazardous materials. The company conducts line haul operations from depots across the United States and Canada; drivers are usually home nightly.


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