Are missed deliveries your worst fear?

During the peak shipping season, retailers can go through a lot of inconvenience for their last-mile deliveries.

The good news is, it is totally avoidable.

How Delivery Works?


It is the traditional way of doing things. Using one delivery carrier can make you dependant.


Latest and more compatible way of doing things. Having a hybrid delivery model is a smart move!

As you go further, these questions will definitely bother you.

How will I manage so many carriers?

What, will it
cost this much?

I need help!

Let technology help you. A smart delivery allocation software will

Automatically assign delivery tasks to in-house or third party partner based on availability Provide you with live tracking and delivery updates. Set priority for delivery tasks based on faster delivery times or lower costs.

The Hybrid delivery model offers huge benefits in terms of reducing costs and reaching new geographies.

Get started with Tookan and orchestrate your deliveries efficiently between in-house and third party fleets.

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