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Tookan Turns 5! Our Journey So Far

By Deepak Digwal 8th August 2020

In 2015, we started on a quest to build the best route optimization software with the launch of Tookan and five years on, the journey has been truly rewarding. Tookan started as a delivery tracking software in August 2015 but has evolved into a full-fledged delivery management tool with a host of delivery-specific features including route optimization, automated dispatch, route planning, fleet management and much more.

Tookan’s 5-Year Journey

Powered with other software from our impressive tech suite, including Flightmap for mapping infrastructure, Bulbul’s sales CRM, and Tida’s drone delivery, Tookan has never been stronger.

Your delivery operations can be scaled up and optimized with Tookan’s enviable suite of delivery management tools. The features that set Tookan apart from other transport delivery apps and software include:

Features that Set Tookan Apart

Real-Time Tracking

With Tookan’s real-time tracking solutions, you can monitor your fleet and stay updated on all the tasks they’re performing. You can keep your customers updated on their order delivery status by sending live updates through SMS or email.

Route Optimization 

Make use of Tookan’s powerful route optimization to deliver all your orders in the fastest and most cost-efficient way possible. Your delivery agents get the shortest and fastest route to their destination while factoring in the constantly evolving traffic conditions.


Make your task assignment process simpler by defining fixed operational areas for your delivery agents using Tookan’s geo-fencing tools.

Customer, Agent & Admin Apps 

Manage your delivery business more efficiently with fully customizable customer, delivery agent and admin apps. Tookan’s centralized dashboard allows you to control every aspect of your business from one place.

What’s New with Tookan

In a bid to optimize your delivery operations, we continually update and add new features to Tookan. Here’s a look at what’s new with Tookan:

  • Enhancements in Tookan logistics: Tookan logistics manages and tracks long-haul deliveries which improves efficiency of your supply chain. This extension lets you digitize all your deliveries and hubs with a live-tracking feature for your customers.
  • Enhancements in Merchant feature: Shared Agents lets the admin share the agents/drivers with the merchants.
  • Flightmap Integration: Navigate the world with precise location data and mapping solutions by integrating Flightmap with Tookan.
  • Inventory & Capacity Management: Capacity Management lets you define the maximum capacity for every agent. Every task will have an associated capacity and will be auto-allocated to agents satisfying sufficient capacity criteria. Total and available capacity is updated with every task for both admin and agent.
  • You can list all your products on Yelo and then easily assign inventory of these products to your agents through WMS (Warehouse Management System). The order placed by customers is checked against the inventory of all drivers and then notification is sent to the driver with sufficient inventory. At the same time, you can easily track your agents out for delivery using Tookan!
  • Agent incentives: Using this feature, clients would be able to give incentives to their agents based on their performance or demand- supply conditions.
  • Agent wallet: Agent Wallet which provides you a wallet to keep a record of all the transactions done by an agent. You can also configure a threshold limit (depends on Task Pricing) for the wallet which when exceeded, the agent will no more receive a task until the admin changes the amount for the agent.
  • Barcode validation: This helps you generate a barcode for all the orders automatically and the agents can verify that the inventory is delivered to the right person by matching the barcode.
  • Tracking SDK: Connect to billions of lives and help your business prosper by integrating our highly enriched SDK in your business apps and softwares.
  • Tookan Tracker: It is a device that works on the entire fleet first hand, tracking everything from GPS tracking, driver behaviour, vehicle management, fuel management, etc.
  • Safepass: It can be used to issue digital passes for drivers in lockdown. Also, in case the driver is affected by the virus, he can be backtracked to identify every person who came in contact with him in the past.
  • Multiple time zones:  Tookan support orders to be delivered in multiple time zones as per their local time. One can create order for the US while sitting in India.
  • Surge pricing & earning: Toggle surge pricing during high demand or bad weather and charge an additional amount for delivering orders.

As Tookan completes 5 successful years, the development team is raring to go and working tirelessly to make Tookan the best route optimization and delivery management software available. Be on the lookout for fun contests and giveaways in the run-up to the anniversary on 12th August.

If you enjoyed reading this, we’re sure you will also love checking out what we have in store on our Youtube channel. You can also head to our home page for more info!

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