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Missions – Tookan’s Answer to Modern Age Operations Real Time Tracking Needs

By Madhura Yale 17th September 2018

For a lot of enterprises that we work for, managing a team of multiple types of field agents is said to be one of the most tedious tasks operationally, especially when the service duration is longer. It involves so many variables, which needs to be monitored, logged and controlled by human labor. It takes a significant amount of time and precision to track all the changes that can occur.

As customer demands and the logistics of managing field agents continue to increase in complexity,  it was clear to us that many business leaders are discovering the value that digitization of work order management can bring to their organization as a whole, as well as its employees, shareholders, and customers. Miscommunications, delays, and incorrect or incomplete information inevitably plagued the situations as they were still exceedingly prone to human error. The challenge for us was to devise a technological solution that would assist with managing field service operations, relieving frustrated leaders of many of the inefficiencies inherent in the traditional process. The result was a robust task definition system for complex workflows TOOKAN MISSIONS.

Presenting Tookan Missions: The Next Step of Ubiquitous Connectivity

A mission consists of multiple tasks belonging to multiple workflows (Pickup & Delivery/ Appointments/ Field Workforce) and each could be assigned to multiple agents. So, if a business has such a diverse need, then instead of creating multiple individual tasks it can create just one ‘Mission’. Once the mission is dispatched for assignment, agents are assigned corresponding to their workflow. As the mission is in progress, you can track the overall status of the mission as well as the status of the individual tasks within each mission.

The driving force behind this new feature has been those use-cases, which need multiple types of workmen and have a longer service period. Let’s take the case of a construction project where there might be a requirement of multiple pick-ups and delivery agents, laborers and engineers at the same time. If one has to create individual tasks for each one of them, this might turn into a very tedious job! Adding to the woes, you will have to repeat this every day!

Tookan missions across industries

The emergence of “Missions” is expected to transform multiple tasks, multiple agents work order management through a number of diverse industries. Four examples include:

  1. Life Science & Medical Equipment manufacturers build, install and maintain life-saving technologies. With Tookan missions, you can significantly improve the operational efficiency of installing technician, engineers, and delivery agents.
  2. For telecommunications companies, intelligent scheduling and tracking can result in the better installation of mobile towers and other infrastructure.
  3. For engineering and construction firms, expensive machinery can be better tracked for maintenance needs, and job progress can be closely monitored.
  4. In the competitive field of Building & Construction Services, your technicians hold the key to operational excellence and long-term business growth. Achieve the highest utilization of people and equipment with smart scheduling tools.

The advancement made possible by this feature can create benefits for different types of organizations, and companies in new industries will continue to be exposed to the new possibilities.

It is all about customers

No solution is worth employing if it does not enhance the customer experience, whether it is through direct connections or by making it for the agents to do their jobs. Tookan missions aim to impact the customer is a variety of ways, and it is giving the field workforce and their managers’ technological solutions for building a better consumer experience.

Want to see for yourself? Give Tookan Missions a chance to help you grow revenue and delight your customers

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