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Telehealth Platform: The new Era of the Healthcare Sector!

By Zeba Yasmeen 12th May 2021

Technology has been an integral part of revolutionizing the healthcare sector. All the industries have embraced the quick convergence of digitalization. Undoubtedly, it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for telehealth platforms.

Let us discuss why telehealth platforms are the upcoming era for all of us. 

Telehealth or telemedicine Platform: A brief overview


What is telehealth software? What exactly does it mean? How is it going to fit the current situation? What are the upcoming benefits of choosing it over conventional practices? Why should you make a switch to telemedicine consulting services? This write-up will cover all the aspects and throw some light on the future of telehealth and predictions for telehealth software solutions and also throw some light on the best telehealth platforms.

The telehealth platform is the digital transformation of healthcare services and operations with a SaaS-based model. This telehealth system allows the medical services to connect with the service seekers through various apps and web platforms.

Henceforth, the combination of medical services and digitalization is termed as a telehealth platform. One and a half years back, the concept of telehealth app was there but was not much popular in the market. Since the pandemic has hit the world, every other corner of the globe is getting used to the digital transformation of their respective healthcare services. And it won’t be incorrect to say that going digital is the future of telemedicine platforms in a post-pandemic world.

Perks of telehealth software systems: Usefulness to be acknowledged!

Telehealth platforms come with a range of benefits. Since the concept of medical practices is changing and the world is moving from a traditional approach to a digital one. So the solution should be equally robust. Here is the list of advantages that comes side by side. 

Telehealth software: A big-time saviour


Telehealth saves time for both – the doctors and the patients. For instance, a patient can easily schedule an appointment with their health practitioner at their convenient time. And the healthcare provider can make a calendar to inform about his availability. This helps to reduce the long hours of waiting in hospital premises.

Quick Insights into health stats

A digital healthcare platform brings the right opportunity to get a complete insight into an individual’s health with all the required documents placed in the right place. Moreover, the data can be shared with the informal care, guardian or with the patient itself. It helps in ditching the age-old practices of getting stuck into piles of medical records for every visit. It can be wise to better understand the patient’s health stats to the treating medical practitioner. The easy access of documents also supports in making the right decisions about the right set of treatment. 

Reduced operational work

When a health care center transitions to a telehealth platform, it would be easy for the service providers to get rid of heavy paperwork and keep the information secure. They can access and share the information easily with colleagues, patients, or guardians at the time of requirement. It reduces the work task in a typical medical center and helps keep the privacy quotient supported with digital fences. The protected version of keeping the medical records will help gain the trust factor among the patients. Still not convinced? Let us know how many times you have bear the time burning and cost burning because of duplication of documents? The digital records will make sure that you skip these silly yet heavy mistakes forever!

Lower operational cost and fewer financial pay-outs!

When you choose to start with a telehealth platform, you are saving a significant amount in terms of your finances. The big data wearables, artificial intelligence, and electronic medical records keeping process are all known to make your financial pay-outs comparatively low compared to conventional ways. Apart from operational efficiency, the big move also allows you to benefit from less investment and higher savings in your business ROI. The switch to e-commerce e-health services conveys the visionary promise of making healthcare accessible and approachable to all. 

Greater accessibility to all remote areas

Health emergencies come with no prior notices. Moreover, getting medical attention at the right time is a human right. However, many among us fail to seek the required medical attention due to one or the other reasons. A Telehealth system can be a better advantage for those seeking to get medical advice from remote areas. You can say goodbye to location demographics and can reach out to any part of the world through a powerful medical care app. Isn’t it something that has become the need of the hour? When people are asked to stay at home and maintain social distancing, the telehealth platforms have helped redefine the face of medical health care services. 


Panther- An ideal option to idealize your decision!

The above section explains the need and advantages of choosing a Telehealth platform in healthcare services. Now, the next big question is how to choose the right telehealth software companies and whom to choose to make the much-talked-about digital switch. The answer is one- Go with “ Panther”! Panther provides a scalable and robust platform with fully customized SaaS software. It can help you create your brand presence without much effort.

The most-asked features such as:

  1. Various types of consultation: Audio, Video or Text Consultation 
  2. Quick Payment Collection: Multiple Payment Channels Integrated
  3. Easy Analytical Insights: Data packed reports, Cohort Analysis
  4. Push Notifications, SMS, Emails: Broaden Marketing Channels 

And many more!

Get on a call with our telemedicine software expert and know how you can add efficacy to your existing business with the best telemedicine software development company with just a few easy clicks! 

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