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Technology & the $2.2 Billion Astrology Market: Why is Online Astrology Getting so Popular?

By Zeba Yasmeen 4th June 2021

Astrology, an ancient craft first recorded to be practised by the Babylonians, is making a comeback lately. More young people are turning to the New Age spirituality found in astrological customs. By the end of 2020, the astrology industry skyrocketed as many people dabbled into horoscopes and the art of starcraft to know what their futures behold. The online astrology market has shown promising growth even before the pandemic. 

online astrology

A study revealed that the online astrology revenue grew by 64.7% from the previous year in 2019 to $40 million in the United States alone! With lives entangled in uncertainty, more users are looking for answers in the alignment of celestial bodies. And one might think that astrologers are now facing unhinged demand of clients and have racked up booked schedules.

A prospering and unfading trend

Search terms like “astrology” and “sun signs” touching a record high on Google trends in 2020 is a testament to people’s growing interest in the art. In these times, astrology is particularly drawing attention from a crowd consisting of mostly millennials and Gen X. 

A 1982 study by psychologist Graham Tyson showed that when exposed to conditions of high stress, people often turn to astrology as a coping mechanism. In such unprecedented days, people are now looking to connect and find solace through transcendental means. While there was always some level of stigma attached to astrology, the craft is gaining a steady foothold in the online market. 

Online astrology apps are thriving

Astrology entrepreneurs and companies have seen unfaltering growth during the pandemic. For instance, one astrology app called Co-Star raised $5 million in Series A funding in April 2021. The app records over $20 million staggering downloads and aims at providing personalized horoscopes to its users by integrating NASA data with AI.

Likewise, a mobile-first astrology app called Sanctuary raised $3 million in the seed round in May this year. The app seeks to bring spiritual guidance to its users in the form of daily horoscopes, and personalized readings from professional astrologers. Sanctuary also provides access to on-demand astrology services from tarot readers and psychics. 

Many astrology startups rode the COVID-19 wave and saw a flurry of people seeking spiritual guidance to put their minds to ease during the commotion. Now, astrology is becoming a part of the self-care kit of the millennial and Gen Z army. And it can be said that the online astrologer consultation marketplace is the Dark Horse of the Indian online marketplaces!

The demand for personalized one-to-one reading sessions

Astrology clients are more likely to spend more for sessions with professional readers in real-time to get their personal queries answered. On-demand sessions offer a safe space for clients to share their beliefs and get customized advice contingent on their situations. A Pew Research Centre study found out that 6 out of 10 Americans believed in one of the “New Age” beliefs – reincarnation, astrology, psychic abilities, or spiritual presence. The pandemic has certainly revived people’s faith in finding answers from the universe. Whether they are trying to find stability in life or happiness in their relationships, online astrology targets to provide clarity and certainty in their fates.

Deliver astrological guidance with your online astrology consulting app

online astrology

The astrology market is spectating promising trends. Incontestably, the online astrology drift doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. How can you make the most out of it? By launching your own online astrologer consultation marketplace. Starting an online consultation space for astrology practice can be more lucrative than you think. 

Now, how can you build your online astrology consultancy, you ask?

Introducing Panther!

Panther is your all-in-one consultancy marketplace builder boxed with a powerful ready-to-use feature suit. Panther allows you to white-label your consultancy solution, so you can rebrand your offering solely as your own!

Design an app for clients with all the features they could need. 

  • Search and select
  • Appointment booking, and of course
  • Real-time audio or video consultation options

With Panther, you can also create an app for professional astrologers on your platform, who can easily accept appointments and payments. 

You can begin your practice with Panther in minutes because it doesn’t require you to code your website from scratch. Sounds easy? Well, it is! Find out what all can Panther do for you by visiting our homepage.

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