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Switch Your Profitable Restaurant Business Into a Profitable Delivery Business In This COVID-19

By Tannu Sharma 18th March 2020

Turbulence created with the outbreak of Coronavirus will forever change how the world will operate. It is not a short term situation, we need to be ready for the long haul. Almost every human on this planet is impacted strongly with this pandemic. At a time, when the world economy is hit hard with this contagious disease, every business should have a survival strategy. To survive we need to ADAPT. 

Governments across the world are enforcing Social Distancing. The public is asked to stay at home. All social communication is either banned or strongly discouraged. How does a restaurant survive in this environment. Its foundation is built on social gatherings and the experience of dining.  We have gathered some suggestions based on the changes being made by companies across the world.

This downturn does not differentiate scale, big or small every business will need to adapt. One thing is for sure, your business is going to face a major turbulence in its sales. Let’s be ready..!

So What can we do to Survive this downward Spiral..?

Transform from a Restaurant to a delivery business.  

We know it is easier said than done. Here are some of the steps that can help in this transformation.

  1. Speak to your staff – reassure them that you are doing everything in your power to support them. Make them understand that roles might need to be changed but you will do everything to keep the business moving. Keep them informed and share your plans with them so they are all onboard.
  2. Change the roles – If there are no customers coming through the doors, you do not need front house staff. Based on the skill set Change their role into a delivery role. Have a conversation with them about this new role. What they would need to do. How it would benefit them.
  3. Safety of your team – Ensure you have all the materials you need to ensure the safety of your new found delivery team. They should have gloves, masks and sanitisers. You should teach them about no-touch deliveries. 
  4. Set up an Order Management system – you can either take orders over the phone or better still have an order management too like Yelo. They can help set up your restaurant app in minutes. You can also support that with taking orders via social media and the good old phone.
  5. Delivery Management – How do you ensure your new-found delivery team is doing what they should be doing. How do you manage your operations. Set up a delivery management system like Tookan. It is easy to use and can be ready in 3 steps. 

Here are a few of the reasons that contributed in making a restaurant business vulnerable to hit the massive downfall.

  1. People are preferring to implement social distancing as much as possible
  2. With sales going down, it is hard to take salaries of your employees
  3. Due to less orders, the already stocked up food ingredients could expire soon
  4. Operational costs of a running restaurant will be difficult to meet in the coming time

What is Your Action Plan?

You have witnessed your restaurant business touching the sky from scratch. No epidemic or virus attack can be strong enough to shatter your dream business. You might be stuck somewhere but getting out of this vicious trouble is no more a dream. If you have an action plan to go ahead, that’s great! But if you are still struggling to collect all the pieces, this article will help you to escalate your decision to save your business at the earliest. 

Any guesses? How can you overcome the Corona situation? 

Technology has always been at our side and is proving its worth every time when we need it! This time again, Coronavirus’s impact on your restaurant business could be lowered down with the introduction of the right technology at the right time. 

#1 Struggle to get customers

It is difficult for your restaurant business to get customers for dine-in options. And in coming times, you might face more downfall in the ratio of your customers, owing to the fast-paced spread of Coronavirus. This might result in the closing down of many restaurants because of the uncertainty of Coronavirus control. 

#2 Struggle to get wages for your existing employees

When your restaurant business is already struggling to maintain the profit and loss of your business, you might face a major drawback in bringing wages to the existing customers. And you surely don’t want to fire them because of this epidemic crisis.

#3 Struggle to stock food ingredients for longer times

When it comes to stock food ingredients, the vulnerability of them getting expired after a definite period of time is true. But as the clouds of uncertainty are here to stay, you never know whether you should stock up the food or should not. 

These struggles are real! One needs to come back with a progressive action plan that can keep your restaurant business, one step ahead from this pandemic situation. 

To every problem, there is a solution! You need to find that one.

Tookan: A solution to all your struggles

As said above, the right use of technology can make a big relief. If you are struggling to conquer the offline operations for your restaurant business, you can think of switching to the online platform. Yes, you heard it right! 

Tookan offers a smooth and seamless delivery management experience to a business. You can smartly use Tookan to get your services delivered to your customers at their doorstep.

If your customers are hesitating to come out, make your services reach to them. Let your customers enjoy the delicacy of your restaurant at their own comfortable place.

As soon as your food services are reachable to your customers, you need not to worry about the stock at your restaurant as it will be utilized in near time for sure. 

Moreover, you can turn your loyal employees as your service agents. This means no need to fire them because of the scarcity of funds. Even, you can offer them a new job responsibility to be written on their resume. Isn’t it a great thing to go for!

The customers can track the delivery agents and also communicate to them to keep the order outside and leave to avoid any human contact.

Agents can use route optimization feature to deliver the order safely and on time.

Hence, for every trouble that Coronavirus has introduced to your business, you can use Tookan as your trump card.

If you are running a restaurant business and wishes to keep it away from any unwanted Coronavirus impact, connect with us today!

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