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Startup Story #13- Grofers Business Model: Explained by the Founders

Did someone say grocery delivery on the doorstep? Hallelujah!!

Who has the time and energy to drive all the way to the grocery store, find a parking spot, hunt for all the items on the shopping list, wait in the way-too-long queue for way-too-many minutes, carry all the heavy bags to the car, and reach home looking tired and worn out…..

…..when you have the perfect alternative of sitting at the comfort of your home or office, ordering everything through an on demand grocery delivery app, selecting the delivery time and location, making cashless payments, and receiving your grocery without any unnecessary trouble.Grofers1

This is how the world of On Demand looks and feels like. It is convenient, time as well as labor saving, practical and affordable. And service providers in this arena are flourishing like never before.

One such promising on demand grocery delivery startup is India-based Grofers; which is not only connecting customers with nearby retail stores, but also delivering groceries within 90 minutes.

In conversation with Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa, co-founders of Grofers about their Business Model.


Q: What is Grofers?

A: Grofers is an m-commerce marketplace for your daily shopping. It allows you to shop from your favourite store in your neighbourhood and get delivery within 90 minutes. You can shop for Grocery, Fruits & Vegetables, Bakery items, Flowers, Meats, Pet Care, Baby Care and Cosmetics products with just a few taps. You can get everything delivered instantly or schedule it for a convenient time later.

Q: How does Grofers work?

A: We work on a marketplace model to replace the trip to local shops for our consumers by bringing merchants (and their inventory) online. You can shop for Grocery, Bakery, Pet Supplies, Cosmetics and soon pharmacy and appliances on the Grofers app.

Q: Tell us the Grofers story.

A: Grofers was built to solve a very basic problem – we have to go to a store nearby for daily needs. The problem led to the Grofers business model that we are currently working on.

Q: What sets Grofers apart from the competition?

A: Our focus on customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from our competitors. Ensuring on-time delivery and good quality of products have made our customers use and be loyal to our service. The breadth of categories we offer also sets us apart from our competition which is only focused on groceries.

Q: Put some light on the technology used to build Grofers?

A: We have an internal engineering team that builds the technology infrastructure. We have invested a lot on building robust platforms and applications that streamline our operations and work as the foundation of our growth.

Q: What was technically the most challenging part of developing Grofers?

A: Building a new behaviour among users and suppliers is always a big challenge. Our consumers and merchants are used to making a trip to their local market for daily shopping. Over a period of time, we have managed to build trust among our users and create a shift in their shopping behaviour.

Q: How are you marketing Grofers to make it a first preference in the market?

A: We focus on delivering the best customer service to our customers. We believe that there is no better marketing than having your customers speak about your service.

Q: How is Grofers empowering the on-demand market?Grofers Feature Image

A: We are bringing offline retailers online and our users can get anything delivered from their favourite stores to their doorstep within minutes. Our users now don’t have to spend time in going to a local market for their daily shopping. They have an option to get everything delivered to their doorstep. On-demand industry has seen a big push recently. People have started appreciating services that are customer centric.

Q: How are you planning to position Grofers against prospective competition, and how will you sustain your USP?

A: We believe that our customers will help us position us in the market. There is nothing more satisfying than a happy customer for us. Internally, we are working hard on making our operations and technology better.

Q: Approximately, how many orders do you book in a single day?

A: We are clocking approximately 2000 orders a day.

Q: Grofers raised $35M in the recent round of funding. What would be your future plans for expanding Grofers?

A: Technology and operations, being the core of our business, will attract most of the investment. We are planning to expand in new cities such as Pune (recently launched) and Hyderabad (soon!). We are also adding new verticals to our business such as cosmetics, pharmacy and electronics.

Q: Where do you see Grofers 5 years down the line?

A: We want to change how people shop from stores around them. We aim to bring offline retailers online and help them grow. In the next 5 years, we hope to bring change in the lives of our customers and help them spend time doing what they love the most.

Q: What is the biggest hurdle that you faced or are still facing?

A: Our retail industry has not changed for decades. We are working to empower all the merchants with technology so that they can manage their business better.

Q: What are you most excited about at this moment?

A: Nothing makes us more happy than seeing a smile on the faces of our customers. Our brand value is drawn from the satisfaction of our consumers.

Q: Which Entrepreneur do you admire the most?

A: Every merchant in every locality is an entrepreneur, setting up shop and dealing with their daily business needs – customers, logistics, supply chain, manpower, etc. We want to partner the local merchants and bring them to the online world.

Q: Any word of advice for all the startups out there who are trying to make it big like Grofers.

A: Be PERSISTENT! That’s the best advice that can be given. It is still easy to create and execute a vision but there will be many hurdles and pros and cons to it. It will shake your determination but all you really need to do is stick to it and not give up!

What is your business model?

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79 Responses to “Want to develop an app like Uber? Know the cost and other details“

  1. Shaw says:

    Need a übe type app

  2. Ajay Deep says:

    Hi Shaw. Thank you for your interest. Our sales team has sent you an email. You may take it forward from there. Cheers!

  3. I wan’t uber like platform but for another kind of business. real estate?

  4. Pac says:

    Hi, I need app like uber but with little changes

  5. shane says:

    Uber like app for delivery service

    • Ajay Deep says:

      Hey Shane,
      Uber like app for delivery service seems to be a great idea. Someone from our sales team will be in touch with you through email. You may take discussions forward from there.

  6. Antoine says:

    Hi Ajay – What assurances one has that the app developper would not simply take an inovative idea and create its own app? An NDA, despite its loopholes, is a legal instrument that prevents the “Disclosure” not the copying or the taking over of an idea. Your open mindness on this delicate matter is appreciated.


    • Ajay Deep says:

      Hi Antoine,

      We value intellectual property very highly. As and how it may be required, we are open to discussing transparent and clear clause/s that would prevent us from developing similar application for a time period. The developers working at our organization are hired after a verification process and are legally bound not to indulge in any such activity. Further, we have sent you a copy of our NDA. You may go through that and reply to the email. Rest assured, Juggernaut will be your best choice to develop an app like Uber in any industry segment. Let’s take it forward.

      • Ahmed says:

        Hi Ajay, I came across your articles…I really like what you write about on demand tech..very helpful and inspiring…about this point specifically I’m so interested to know more.can you send me a copy of your NDA.
        We might discuss something even more interesting starting from this point

        My regards,

        • Ajay Deep says:

          Hi Ahmed. Glad that you liked our content. We focus on providing value to our readers. Our team has sent you an email. Just reply back to take the communication further.

  7. tony hakim says:

    you guys are world class

  8. Milind Shah says:

    Hi Ajay,
    I need an app same as Uber. what will be the cost? and can you show me if you have any such app on itunes?, so that i can download and try.

    • Ajay Deep says:

      Hi Milind,
      Being a leader in on-demand space, we have developed a number of apps in various business verticals for both android and iOS platform. Our sales team will get in touch with you through email and provide you with all the required info.

  9. Wafir says:

    Do you guys do projects for the Middle East?

    • Ajay Deep says:

      Hey Wafir, of course we do!
      In fact, the Middle East region is booming with startups in the on-demand sector. We’d love to work on your project. Just sent you an email to initiate the conversation. Let’s take it forward through that.

  10. nitesh says:

    hi need a app like uber let me know

  11. Subomi says:


    Need an app like Filld On Demand Gas Delivery.

    But with no payement option for now since that needs a lot of security and will be expensive. I’m bringing Filld’s business model to Africa.

  12. Parul Singh says:

    Are you guys involved in developing all kinds of apps or its just limited to the apps like uber?

  13. Jesse says:

    Hello, I would like to get more information on developing an app similar to Uber but for providing a standard service. It is a very saturated industry and simplifying access to such service I think can very well find its way in the mobile App world. As like previous comments left I too am concerned and question if my idea can be taken or copied.
    Thanks for your time and eager to hear your response.

  14. Can you send me a copy of your NDA? I am most concerned with this and how it works and what is the time line of the NDA?

    My idea revolves pretty much around UBER and but is not related to rides.

  15. william says:

    Hi AJAY or juggernaut , am interested in developing an app which is as complex as uber or a little more complex but nothing like uber. would like to get in touch with you via email. so reach out to me lets discuss. thanks.

  16. Peter says:

    Hey Juggernaut, I’m interested in developing a service within the On-Demand economy, with some added variables that could prove difficult to navigate, but can definitely be done with the right expertise. Really in the ideas stage at this point, but I can definitely see a road to success and I’d love to talk with you guys regarding my options and so on. Thanks.

  17. please give the ideology and working of the app,and how to develop an app like uber for autos and taxi which could be affordable for all class of people

  18. King Spesh says:

    Hello Ajay, I have an idea for a transportation app but have no finances nor the expertise to pull it off, I have made a thorough research on it and its big, please contact me via email to discuss it.

    Kind regards,

  19. Amaro says:

    Hi Ajay:

    Do you have a uber alike plataform already? I’ll be interested on getting such a service from you and your team


  20. Daniela says:

    Hi Ajay,
    I am looking to outsource (hire or partner) the development of a new business idea that can use this kind of structure. Would your team shoot me an e-mail so that I can assess whether Juggernaut may fit into the picture? Thanks!

  21. Jon says:

    Hi Ajay,

    Looking for a Uber like app in RSA, also have concerns about NDA, costs and durations.
    Please could you send me a copy of your NDA and any other info that may assist me in my choice of Developer.

    Please also send me through a direct contact so that i may contact by telephone if possible.

    Thanks Jon

  22. sudheer says:

    Hi, i want to start a business on GPS based. It likes UBER r OLA but not in transportation mostely deals with FMCG. Can u please email me the details.

  23. Thanks for this….i also like to develop Uber type of apps. Please inform me what is the exact cost to develop in India.

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    can u help?

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  27. Jordon says:

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  28. Sunny says:

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  29. Joniel says:

    Hi Ajay, I have an app in my mind same as Uber and I would like to discuss it further. Hope to hear from you soon.

  30. Tim says:

    What are your rates and can you refer me to a source to develop a solid NDA and IP lawyer before we get the ball rolling?

  31. MJ says:

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  32. hasan says:

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  33. Ami Khan says:

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    I have a business idea/proposal and need to work out how much it will cost to develop an app like uber (but also maybe have some sort of video link too). I plan to pitch to investors by Q316 so am working on the Financial model now.
    What credentials do you have in this field and could you also let me know what guarantees you can provide in terms of ensuring that any plans I share with you are confidential? Thanks in advance!

  34. Chris Dre says:

    Interested in UBER-like app with some changes. Please contact me with NDA. Thank you.

  35. Mark says:

    Thank you. Very informative and well-structured article. I think it would be helpful for everyone. Maybe you should try to add it to the Wiki page about Uber: http://getsmall.link/6eb1a0e8

  36. Rigoberto paz says:

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  37. Barkaat Ahmad says:


    We like to get an estimate on an Uber like app. Would you be able to email me a ball park estimate on development cost, timeframe and on after sales service/enhancements.

    • Ajay Deep says:

      Hi Barkaat,
      Thanks for reaching out. Our sales team will be in touch with you through email and you may take the discussions forward from there.

  38. mugambe ramathan says:

    hi,am in east africa, am planing on setting up abusiness more like uber hope we can discuss more

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    I want to ask about the details of a program like Uber, but of course on a much lower scale (10-20 cars), including the cost and the maintenance fee , and if there is any fixed sets to be fixed in the cars.

  41. Akshay Kumar Dixit says:

    Hi I also want to know about the cost of making such an app

  42. Aditya says:

    Hi Ajay
    I am thinking to make website like uber but it will be little different then uber. It will be like pre reservation in app and customer can track their car. It will be limousine service but all pre refer action through app. Nothing else.

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    I am looking to develop an app similar to Uber but will carter a totally different service.
    I like what I read on this page and will love to touch base with somebody in your company.

  47. Pathrose says:

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  49. Jignesh patel says:

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    who make this type of application?
    its application total estimste and how to operate?

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    Hi I need help trying to making a app like the uber app but we have our taxi company already it will be more easy if we have an app can you help please

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