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Staffing Software – Hiring Made Easy

By Aastha Malhotra 31st March 2021

Staffing software is a wide rubric of tools that helps recruiting and staffing agencies source talent, manage candidates and corporate client relationships, and track applicants throughout the hiring workflow.

Most of these tools fall into large buckets with the most prominent, including, ATS (applicant tracking system), candidate sourcing, job distribution, candidate engagement, and onboarding.

In many cases, the ATS is viewed as the system of record while the other tools simply integrate with it. The reason is that the candidates and the corporate client relationships are managed in the ATS, making it a business-critical staffing software solution.

Importance of Staffing Software

Staffing Software

The staffing sector has experienced a couple of changes over the last several years. First, the mobility of the manpower and prospective candidates has become tougher to monitor. Second, the new millennium paved the way for job boards – the ‘savior’ of an industry. Third, market dynamics have transformed the way staffing agencies source talent and new work, leading to a steep surge in contract labor.

As such, modern staffing agencies are gradually turning to leading-edge staffing software. Resorting to disparate systems and spreadsheets just does not accent optimal efficacy. Imagine tracking every applicant through spreadsheets, posting every job vacancy manually, or trying to recall who is on contract and who is not. Sounds next to impossible, right?  

Not to worry. The right staffing software blend can help you automate insipid tasks and get back to the pivotal job of assisting organizations search for suitable candidates for their vacancies.

Benefits of Staffing Software

Benefits of Staffing Software

You can ward off the existing hiring problems in a jiffy by equipping your recruitment workflows with the right technology. Staffing software enables you and your crew to:

1. Grow your Database

There is no more the need to sift through heaps of papers when you can store all the job applications and CVs/resumes at a single place. Also, you might allow candidates to log into the platform and upload their CVs/resumes themselves, enabling you to expand your reach.

2. Accelerate the Staffing Process

You can access all the critical insights and reach out to both employers and candidates from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, you are always in the loop since every change is introduced automatically to the system. It enables you to decrease the time it requires to recognize and recruit the appropriate candidate.

3. Improve your Social Reach

Social reach is immensely important in staffing today. With staffing software, you can leverage social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, and reach a broad range of prospective candidates. Many staffing software solutions feature social media integration options so that you can link to your social media handles.

4. Step up Staffing Quality

Keeping all the CVs/resumes at a single location also allows you to look for better individuals in a significantly shorter timeframe and not waste time with non-starters. Staffing software comes with an innovative set of tools that help you group the received CVs/resumes into different categories and then sort them while finding candidates with particular skill-sets. That way you ensure that you match prospective candidates to appropriate job positions.

5. Curb Administration Efforts

You can reduce man-hours once you automate posting job vacancies on various job-board websites. Imagine publishing a job vacancy to several job-boards with just a click! With staffing software, you can also use a mutual calendar and thus streamline scheduling interviews.

Staffing Software make search for candidate easy

6. Keep Tabs on Job Applicants

To ensure you go through all the candidates while filling vacant job positions, the system automatically updates any step taken on an individual, with all your notes attached. Digitally moving candidates through the recruitment phases enables you to make sure you do not miss any of the job applications and see them through the same lens.

7. Enhanced Communication

While recruiting, it is vital to quickly respond and communicate effectively with your own team, and with prospective candidates. Staffing software offers some great tools for communication and enables you to automate certain tasks such as response mails. Furthermore, you can significantly strengthen your channels of communication and keep applicants in the loop.

8. Level up Your Performance

By monitoring all the applicants, you can also deliver better performance. Once you examine the number of job positions you fill and the applicants you reject throughout the hiring phases, you can spot crucial inefficiencies and opportunities to become a better hiring manager.

9. Safeguard Confidential Data

While recruiting, you access some extremely personal information of all the applicants. With staffing software, you can ascertain that they are all stored in one encrypted and secured location and can only be accessed by you and your crew members.

Staffing Software safeguards confidential employee data

10. Get Back in Action Anytime

You can access staffing software round the clock which can considerably step up your efficiency and enable you to answer the queries and respond to candidates in a flash.

Tookan Comes to the Rescue

With growth comes transformation, and the gig economy is about to undergo more of it than what the conventional labor sector has in decades. And for both businesses and the workforce, this could be a stroke of luck.

Having said that, it is strenuous to appoint and supervise a mobile workforce from a single point. However, with Tookan workforce management software, you can automate and manage every step in real-time. The cutting-edge solution is armed with robust features that can make staffing and handling remote workers a piece of cake.

Read along to know how Tookan can help in appointing and managing gig workers:

  • Scheduling: Tookan enables you to optimize your hours of work by job scheduling to the right individuals. It lets you unleash the hidden loopholes and inconsistencies such as on-call scheduling and unequal shift distribution to improve efficiency.
  • Automated dispatch: WithTookan, you can stave off manual work by auto-assigning orders to your nearest and available gig workers.
  • Real-time tracking: Know the exact location of your gig workers during business hours with Tookan. Its GPS-driven attendance system enables you to track down your workforce straight off on your dashboard.
  • Administrative control: Tookan makes sure everything happens right before you. You can keep an eagle’s eye on your mobile workers from a single place.

Let’s Wrap it Up

Staffing Software

Recruiting in the present era is an intricate process incorporating incoherent tasks which are implemented using different online channels. From finding suitable gig workers to going through loads of digital resumes and staying in touch with clientele, staffing agencies must embrace technology to work efficiently in today’s job sector.

While there is a slew of options on the marketplace, staffing software is a prominent choice among companies striving to simplify their recruitment workflows. With a staffing software tool, you can easily automate numerous recruitment workflows, improve your business efficiency manifolds and focus on spotting suitable talent.

Jungleworks is an industry leader in offering mobility solutions to businesses vying to deliver an omnichannel experience to its clientele. Serving customers in more than 180 countries, the on-demand solution provider powers the staffing processes of businesses from start to finish. Hit us up and know more.

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