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Should your customer’s lock screen matter to your business?

By Tahira Bhasin 13th July 2022

TechCrunch recently reported that Glance, an Indian start-up, will soon be launching its lockscreen platform in the United States for Android users. 

And, the social media went berserk debating on the pros and cons.

After which, even Glance had to come up with a blog explaining their concept. 

In which they said that theirs is essentially a content platform and not an ad platform. 

“Glance transforms lock screens into smart surfaces delivering experiences that engage, entertain, and inspire consumers”.

And how? Through content such as games, travel information, daily changing wallpapers, fun facts, fitness ideas, entertainment (such as viral videos), information about sports events and a lot more. 

Many businesses are looking at it as a new opportunity to directly impact the consumers, especially when they have exhausted other social mediums such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Lock-screen ads
Lock-screen ads

On the face of it, it looks like a very quick ad, probably the quickest, as the ads will disappear the moment you unlock the phone. 

It also runs a high risk of getting into the very personal space of your customer. 

So, how does it still aim to make an impact and what are the chances of success?

We did some research on expert opinions and in this write-up, will give you a crux of what we learnt. 

The Concept 

An average mobile user on a daily basis locks and unlocks his phone more than 60 times. 

And in that process, lies a hidden opportunity of serving him content. 

Glance says the customer will be in full control. The content would be based on market research and consumer preferences. 

Consumers will also be able to opt out any time if they do not find the experience worthy. 

Glance also stated that it does not block people from instantly accessing any functionality of the smartphone at any point in time.

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What are the advantages of lock screen content? 

Since this platform is Indian, the concept is already present on Android phones in Asian markets. 

Brands like Swiggy mention that they have been using lock screen ads for retargeting and reach. 

It can offer some benefits to businesses according to industry experts. 


For long, businesses have struggled with discovery, especially the small ones. This could take them directly to their consumers, provided the devices offer content according to the geographical location of the user.

Access to new users

Businesses can have access to new users with this new platform. Not everybody can be assumed to be on social media but this content will serve those who are available on their phones lock screens. 

Brand Recall

According to some ad agencies, lock screens offer an opportunity for brand recall. And it can become more effective with reward ads. 

Instant access

If we are to use any other app, we have to go through the process of looking through different apps, then finding the apt one and then opening it to access content. With this kind of platform, businesses can get instant and direct access without any wastage of time. 

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Not so rosy 

Lock screen is not a totally new concept. Amazon has tried doing it before for their e-book model but shut it after two years due to bad user experience. 

Even Samsung displayed ads on some of its premium smartphones but removed them due to backlash. 

So, what could be the possible drawbacks?


Getting into the personal space of your customer is a risky proposition. Especially when consumers are already saturated with digital marketing. Customers might be reluctant to consume more content but who knows as social media too started off as a platform for personal connections. 

Digital Tracking

Access to data is another issue. Consumers are aware of this and have already raised concerns about digital tracking in their social media apps. With this, it would mean a more deeper access to their phones.

Too much screen time

In an era, where people are trying to reduce their screen time, this would add to that. It will be kind of impossible to avoid content, unless the service is disabled.


Advertisers feel with digital advertising going next level, these kind of platforms will have to be experimented with for a better user experience as well as for brand profits.

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