Technologies to support Decision Making

Business intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence and Business Analytics are two different sides of same coin working in tandem to achieve the same goal to improve the efficiency of business by utilising data-driven decision making. Jungle Works suite of products is built to integrate with BI technologies. This ensures the services provided by JungleWorks are built in with best practices. We provide necessary tools and software to give you a customised BI solution.

Business Intelligence Analytics
Business Intelligence Analytics


Our in-house tool for Geospatial Analytics

Kato is a tool developed to seek insights into your organisation through analysing data and visualizing it in simpler form.

With the abilities to connect to multiple data points it simplifies data and has abilities to display reports across multiple devices.

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Business Intelligence Analytics

Business Intelligence Focuses on

Creating operation efficiency

Analysis of historical data

Problem Identification & Resolution

Business Analytics Focuses on

Observation of historical data

Identify Trends

Drives Business Change

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