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Sate your hunger with Bite Kite, an On Demand Meal Delivery App

By Guest User 26th November 2014

Listen up Food Lovers of Massachusetts! Now ordering healthy and gluten free is super easy and speedy with the Bite Kite App, an On Demand Meal Delivery mobile app available on iOS and Android. Bite Kite teamed up with Click Labs to create this deliciously amazing app for their foodie customers who are always swamped and on-the-go, and are looking for a quick and convenient ways to sate their appetite. Besides, this vegetarian-friendly restaurant app provides a hassle-free browsing by choosing the menu which is concocted by their in-house chefs according to the customer’s requirements.

So download Bite Kite on your iOS and Android smartphones, select and order your meal from limited yet tasty options, and gobble up your nosh in just 5-20 minutes.

Scroll down to take a peek into the world of Bite Kite, Chef at Work and the mouthwatering food they prepare for their customers.

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