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Revv : India’s leading self driving car rental company is delivering cars on demand

By Guest User 4th November 2015


Yes, you read that right. Cars on demand!

Revv, a self drive car rental company in India is leading the way to deliver your favourite car at your doorstep with the tap of a button on your smartphone. Self driving cars were not so popular in India till Revv made it affordable for anyone with a driving license to rent a car of his choice on per hour basis. Moreover, Revv offers unlimited kilometres and unlimited fuel and there are no hidden costs. That’s what ignited the self drive car rental market in India fetching venture funding for Revv. Let’s know Revv and the Indian self drive car rental market in a better way.

Self Drive Car Rental in India

As of the first quarter of 2015, USA has 15 to 20 lakh cars in the self drive rental space. In India, the self drive cars market is picking up at an amazing rate. Youngsters looking forward to weekend trips no longer want to travel by cabs. Self driving cars are becoming more popular these days as the new generation rakes in for more freedom. The freedom to choose a car, the freedom to drive and the freedom to go places without the hassle of a chauffeur.

What made Revv a favourite among users?

Just after its launch, Revv became popular due to the awesome value it gives to its users. Here is a list of some highlights that made Revv a success.

  • Low security deposit. (Just Rs. 5000).
  • Unlimited Kilometres. (Travel as much as you want).
  • Free Fuel (All fuel is on Revv. No hidden costs at all).
  • Pay per hour (Prices start from as low as Rs. 89 per hour for Ford Ecosport).
  • No need to go to a parking lot. Revv delivers the car to your doorstep.
  • All cars are fully insured and there are no additional taxes.
  • All cars have an “All India Tourist Permit”. Take it to any state or city.

You may download the Revv app and see it all for yourself.

Android App on Google Play Store:


iOS App on Apple App Store:


Revv Founders: 

Anupam Agarwal and Karan Jain. Both have over a decade of experience and have worked with McKinsey.

Funding received by Revv:

Revv has raised a huge angel round of investment. The investors who believe in the vision of this awesome self drive car rental company of India include Ananth Narayanan, CEO of Myntra along with 10+ Directors and Partners from McKinsey.

Revv has started with a fleet of 50 cars from Delhi-NCR region and will be expanding to 4 to 6 cities by this year end.

Team Juggernaut is proud to be the technology partner for Revv

Jugno.io can also help you start a smart Revv-like car rental app within a few days. Check out their website.

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