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Meet Qlivery, the On-Demand Startup Delivering Anything- Everything- Startup Story #41

By Guest User 31st March 2016


Qlivery is an on-demand delivery startup which helps customers get anything and everything delivered to their doorstep with a tap. The startup uses a combination of technology and logistics to make quick deliveries that too at a very low cost. Qlivery delivers almost everything ranging from grocery items to cooked food, medicines to gadgets and even things like cakes, flowers etc. As the name suggests, Qlivery means Quick Delivery and true to their name, they bring your ordered things at your doorstep within minimal possible time. Customers can also get pick and drop service done by Qlivery. It’s Easy and Fast.

Startup Vertical: On-demand Delivery.

Founded: June 2015.

Total Funding received$230k in 1 round from 2 investors (Till March 2016).

Headquarters: Gurgaon, India.

Co Founders: Chetan Agarwal, Karan Saharan, Shivangi Agarwal, Sonal Saraogi and Rohit Pansari.

Website: www. qlivery. com

We talked about the amazing idea about on-demand delivery solution with Qlivery co-founder Chetan Agarwal and here is all that he said.

Q) What was your personal motivation for founding a platform for a cross segment on-demand delivery solution?

I never liked the idea of going shopping myself. But living out of a bachelor pad, I was required to do this or not have anything to eat. There always are certain unavoidable tasks that one has to do but wouldn’t really want to do them by themselves. This is exactly where Qlivery comes in. We set out in June 2015 to transform the way people shop for their daily needs and run errands.

Q) Can you give us a rundown of how it works?

You can call up or whatsapp Qlivery hotline or download our mobile application for Android phones, to place your order, which can be a shopping list or a task or a vanilla pick and drop. The operator confirms the order and price post which it is allocated to one of our runners, who picks up and delivers products to desired locations. Our upcoming version of mobile application will allow customers pay through payment gateways, cards and full range of open wallets as well as through swipe of card when delivery boy reaches their location.

Q) What is the value proposition you are offering to customers?

Qlivery is everybody’s on-demand concierge or simply put a personal assistant. We provide our consumers affordable convenience available to them at the tap of a button. The best part, we have a simple search bar instead of a product listing to choose from. So, our customers can order groceries, medicines, food and what not in one single order. It’s like going to the market yourself and buying products from a wide range, from high end malls to street side vendors. All of this, with a guaranteed delivery in under 90 minutes. That’s almost like real time shopping.

Q) How did you go about getting customers on your platform? Is there a particular marketing tool or process you swear by that helped you get more customers on the platform?

We conducted RWA activations when we started out. The idea was to educate consumers what value they could extract out of a service like Qlivery. That has worked wonders. The word spread like fire. Most of our customers right now have come to us through referrals. Delivering customer delight has been our mantra throughout. Word of mouth marketing by our happy customers has brought in maximum business.

Q) You were funded in March 2016. What are your future plans? Are you planning to integrate more features in the service?

Funds raised will be utilized to expand the team, geographical reach and add customers. The team believes technology and analytics is the heart of the business. Our team is aggressively working on improving the technology stack. Product wise, the team is actively working on tying up with various hotels and offices for what they like to call Qlivery@Offices or Qlivery@Hotels to provide on-demand concierge service to office goers and travelers, respectively.

Q) What is Qlivery’s biggest achievement to date? How did you go about accomplishing this? How does a delivery in under 6 minutes sound?

Yes, we have done that. We operate in a hub and spoke model, which means that our boys are located in all major markets of your city when you order. That means less travel. The biggest achievement to date would be our transformation to become what we are right now. We have learnt from markets and have evolved a lot from what we were in June 2015. This also means that the achievement only becomes bigger day after day.

Q) Your service is present in Gurgaon, Harayana as of now. Do you plan to launch services in new regions?

If yes, what would be your strategy? Qlivery plans to expand services to the whole of Delhi NCR by April 2016, and to Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai by end of 2016 and for this purpose we will be hiring ~1500 employees in next few months. As a policy, we engage in extensive business development before we launch in any new region. This helps us understand consumer behavior and attitude in the region. Q8. Where do you see Qlivery in the next five years? We see Qlivery becoming a world class brand, and truly everybody’s personal assistant, through application of best technology and analytical processes. Q9. Any advice for startups trying to make it big in the on-demand delivery industry? Devote maximum time on the product. The product is what the start up is about. Focus on achieving a favorable unit economics.

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