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Proof of Delivery (EPOD): What Is It, and Why Is It Important for Your Delivery Business?

By Vishal Thakur 21st December 2021

What do you need to make a successful delivery? Is it on-time delivery, notified customers or proof of delivery? Yes, they are! 

The proof of delivery is as important as serving the customers on time. The delivery cycle remains to be incomplete if the delivery does not have the supportive documents. Hence, it is believed and concluded that proof of delivery serves as an acknowledgment for the mark of the successful delivery. 

Proof of delivery is now much more convenient with the advent of digitization. Yes, E-POD (Electronic Proof Of Delivery) is the new and reliable source of collecting proofs of the deliveries. Various companies, especially the companies associated with logistics services, are preferring this newer version for their work. 

As per the reviews of the companies, e-pod has turned out to be a successful tool for the business, which is helping them to achieve efficiency. 

Before hopping to the reviews and benefits, let’s know what exactly it is and how does it work? 

E-POD (Electronic Proof Of Delivery)

what is epod: Proof of delivery: Tookan

POD stands for proof of delivery, a supportive document especially in the form of an invoice which keeps a record for the delivery service provided by the companies to their customers.

The only motto of Pod is to process a safe and reliable transaction. The Pod consists of the full information about the product and the owner of the product to avoid any issues and lead to financial settlements. 

Previously, Pods were paper-based, which were prone to errors. Now, E-Pod’s are the advanced forms of the Pod’s. E-pod is an electronic form of proof of delivery which is helping companies process errorless documentation. E-pod’s are actually proving their worth in the companies.

Nevertheless, e-pod has helped companies to expand their business. It has helped them to reach their customers beyond the names, papers, and basic signatures. 

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What Types of Data Can You Collect Using the E-POD? 

what is epod: Proof of delivery: Tookan

Collecting proofs digitally is much easier than collecting them manually. With the powerful e-pod system you can reach to increase the efficiencies of the companies. Let’s know the types of data you can collect: 

  • Digital Signatures – Once the products are delivered, digital signatures can help the delivery person to gather confirmation over the delivery process. Digital signatures can be processed using on-glass signatures. The customers can sign over the glass randomly. This will act as proof of delivery. 
  • Photographs – Clicking photographs of the delivered items can help the delivery person to collect contactless proofs. This could act as strong evidence of the delivered items. Hence, this is the safest method of collecting proofs. 
  • QR Codes – QR codes over the package can also help the companies to track the package location. It will allow the companies to detect the location and know about its status. Even, once delivered, it will help to withdraw the delivered location details and use it as evidence. 
  • Barcodes – Barcodes act the same as QR codes. This can also be used by the companies as well as the consumers to get detailed information. 
  • Digital Fingerprint – Collecting digital fingerprints through the scanner can be an alternate method of collecting such proofs. 
  • E-Forms – Processing the e-forms can help you to get detailed information about the delivery of the product. The form would contain all the detailed information about the delivered item, receiving of the product, etc. This will help the companies to get summarised information from the customer itself. 
  • E-delivery Notes – E-delivery is the new method of collecting the customers confirmation over the deliveries. It works as once the products have been delivered, the customer will receive the messages, confirming the message with the single note over it, act as a confirmed message for the placed delivery. This can also be evident in the form of documentation. 

What are the Benefits of E-POD? 

what is epod: Proof of delivery: Tookan

E-pod has helped the business to achieve better scope in their working process. It streamlines the whole delivery process by automating it, which cuts down the stress of maintaining the bulks of data as well as helping the companies to keep errorless records. A few of the top benefits of e-pod’s are: 

  • Paperless Work – E-pod fully processes digital working. It is based on gaining digital proofs. The elimination of pen and paper has automated the working process. With this upgrade, the drivers, as well as the consumers, are easily able to process the delivery in a faster and reliable way. Maintaining the records digitally too helps the organisation to get access to the documents 24*7, without relying on anyone for access. 
  • Enhanced Communication – With the advanced way of collecting proofs over the app, helps the companies to get updates about each and every delivery. This eliminates the time gap as well as helps to facilitate smoother communication. 
  • Real-time Visibility – E-pod ensures to update the companies automatically and fastly. This helps the companies to also track the work done by the delivery person. Helping the companies to be updated on time helps with full transparency and control over the delivery members. This will help the company to maintain the workflow more efficiently. 
  • Qualitative Service – E-pod gives companies to facilitate the faster process of documentation reliably. Verification of the receipt in a faster process ensures to serve the customers more efficiently.
  • Enhanced customer service – On the site review, helps down the companies to withdraw the happy or unsatisfied customers. This helps the companies to look for their lack and serve them in a better manner for their increasing customer service.
  • Improved accuracy – The most important element of E-POD. E-pod has reduced the chances of errors by eliminating the slow process of manual transactions. Building a simplified e-pod method helps companies to gather relevant information. 

Where to Begin the E-POD Services? 

Proof of Delivery (EPOD): What Is It, and Why Is It Important for Your Delivery Business?

As we discussed, e-pod can help businesses to simplify their working processes in a faster way. The different methods of collecting data over e-pod are there to help the business with the numerous easy operations.

If you have some thoughts about gaining e-pod services to advance your delivery business or looking to make it more profitable by implementing and advancing it with the new technology, then feel free to get in touch with our experts.

Tookan always welcomes you! 

Tookan specializes in creating various functionalized e-pod methods to enable a smoother working process. The above-listed methods were a few of them. 

Tookan believes in maintaining full transparency among your customers as well as your fleet members to pave the strong path of loyalty. Providing your fleet with numerous easy methods of collecting proofs, helps in increasing your business efficiencies too. 

We would be happy to serve you with our best features to your precise expectations. 

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