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Proof: Apple slows down phones

By Madhura Yale 29th December 2017

Apple released a message to its users on Thursday, addressing concerns about iPhones after the company confirmed it slowed certain models to protect aging batteries. Apple apologized for the “misunderstanding about the issue” and assured customers that it had “never — and would never — do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product.”

People who owned iPhone 6, 6s, and 6s Plus devices complained earlier this year that they were spontaneously shutting down, even though they had sufficient battery. This was usually happening during “peak current demands,” when you’d be doing something on your phone that required a burst of power — like in the middle of a game, or downloading an app.

Those users had to plug in and recharge their phones in order to get them back online. Apple acknowledged the bug and introduced a fix in an update to its operating system software, iOS 10.2.1, which the company said would largely remedy the issue. Phones no longer shut down, but according to users, they did slow down.

Tech lead at Tookan predicted that newer software upgrades can mess with older phones because the new software is designed for, well, the newest model — the one with the fastest processor and the freshest battery and hamper the performance of older models to boost sales. We at Tookan had optimised the platform already to take care of the bug so that it does not let us mess with the way we perform. We figured out our system architecture, interfaces, parameters, and protocols well in advance to handle the slowdown.

Thanks, Apple but we at Tookan are always prepared. So can you!

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