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Business on the Move

Customer Apps & Websites

Leveraging our robust and scalable plug & play infrastructure platform, we build custom mobile app and website solutions for business of any size

  • Onboarding

  • Ordering

  • Scheduling

  • Tracking

  • Notification

  • Promo

  • Payments

  • Rating

  • Real-time Tracking

  • Notifications & Alerts

  • Automate Task Allocation

  • Powerful Analytics

  • Manager Dashboard

  • service provider app

  • Complete Navigation

  • Task History

Real-Time Tracking

Coordinating field operations through a mobile workforce. The basics entails scheduling service orders, dispatching agents, and tracking vehicle locations and job status.

Real-Time Chat Support

Simple and easy chat platform for sales and support for mobile and web. Empower your support team to work together and resolve customer issues instantly.

  • In-App Chat

  • Web Widget

  • Agent App

  • Central Inbox

  • Saved Replies

  • Push Notification

  • Assign & Monitor Chats

  • Measure Team Performance

  • Advance Task Planning

  • Assign & Monitor Routes

  • On-Time Deliveries

  • Manage Multi drops

  • Save Time & Cost

  • Integrated With Agent App

Optimized Route Planner

Multi drop route planner provides you shortest, less crowded and the most efficient routes to fulfil on-time deliveries, which avoid unnecessary consumption of fuel and saves substantial costs to your business.

BI Analytics Dashboard

Easily prepare, analyze & explore big data from multiple sources. Give power to every user to easily discover meaningful business insights

  • Analytics Dashboard

  • Real-time KPIs

  • Predictive Analytics and AI

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Security

  • Database Integration

  • Multi-Level User Access

  • Actionable Insights

  • Manage Pipeline

  • Contact Management

  • Schedule Activity

  • Team Management

  • E Mail sync

  • Notification & Alerts

  • Export CSV Reports

  • User Level Access

Sales CRM

AI-powered CRM for smart sales teams. Get insights about your business, predict customer behavior, and build a scalable sales organization.

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