OrderJoy – Simplifying Daily Grocery Shopping Needs

  • Keeping track of delivery boys when out for delivering groceries.
  • Automatic notifications to customers.
  • Analytics for decision making.
  • ‘Real-Time Tracking’ to remotely track their delivery boys.
  • ‘SMS & Email Templates’ to automate delivery updates.
  • ‘Analytics’ to measure various task performance indicators.
  • Reduced delivery cycle time.
  • Better customer experience and increase in the number of new customers.
  • 50,000-100,000 Android app installs.

OrderJoy – Simplifying Daily Grocery Shopping Needs

Based out of Gurgaon, OrderJoy is an online grocery delivery platform, where customers can search by category, browse offers and find specific products to suit their needs. Everything gets delivered to customer’s doorstep within 90 minutes. Delivery can also be scheduled as per the convenience of the customer. OrderJoy aims to make grocery shopping an easy, quick, and delightful experience for its customers. It has built the way for people to sit and shop the groceries.


Tracking deliveries in real-time-Inability to keep track of all delivery agents who were delivering groceries was a major concern for OrderJoy team. They wanted to keep track of each delivery agent in real-time to ensure timely deliveries to customers.

Keeping customers in the loop– For enhancing customer experience and reducing follow-up calls, OrderJoy needed a system for sending notifications to its customers to keep them well informed about the status of their order.

Analytics for Business Growth– They were looking for an organized way to conduct the analysis of the delivery tasks and delivery personnel for better decision making.

Poor management of operations– keeping a centralized view on all the operations was a tedious task for the order joy team.

Lack of electronic proof: OrderJoy team was unable to keep the electronic proof of the deliveries that were made. So they needed a system to keep a proof of all the deliveries.

What could provide SOLUTIONS to all these challenges? Tookan.

Tookan proved to be a real life-saver for OrderJoy, as its premium features became most appropriate solutions for the challenges.

Real-Time Tracking– OrderJoy was able to remotely track their delivery boys in real-time across the defined geographic region. Interactive map based interface of Tookan further helped streamline the business operations.

Delivery Notifications– Tookan completely automated the communication process for OrderJoy with the help of its customizable trigger based notifications. They were able to send notifications to their customers via SMS and email with complete delivery details when the order was placed, dispatched and delivered to customers doorsteps.

Analytics Dashboard-The analytics functionality allowed the OrderJoy team to measure various task performance indicators like Task completion rate, Time based productivity, Distance based effectiveness among others. The mini customer CRM also allowed them to export their tasks/orders details for further specific analysis.

Efficient Management-Tookan has helped the OrderJoy team to manage and tracks the complete order fulfillment cycle from receiving orders to dispatching, from a centralized view.
Electronic Proof of Delivery-Tookan has helped the OrderJoy team to capture digital signatures, photos, notes, timestamp, audios, scans barcodes & geo-coordinates at delivery location and store managers can access them instantly in the dispatcher dashboard.

It is certain that the OrderJoy will become more efficient & profitable with time as the new technological advancements in Tookan has come along. While the manual process of handling delivery business activities took many man-hours, with Tookan these processes were completed within a matter of minutes. The OrderJoy team could easily assign delivery tasks, track delivery boys, analyze task performance, and manage invoices.
The Tookan solution helped them improve overall customer satisfaction which resulted in significant increase in the number of new customers. On the operations side, field workforce team could be handled remotely and tasks were assigned without any paperwork and manual efforts.
OrderJoy has already seen 50,000-100,000 Android app installs on Google Play which shows their increasing customer base.

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