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Why UrbanClap paused their Online Laundry Marketplace Services?

By Akshay Kumar 12th September 2019

The most funded local service marketplace in the country UrbanClap Technologies Pvt Ltd has stopped their online laundry marketplace services. Due to bad customer experience and poor quality supply, the company decided to pause its online laundry marketplace services.

 Currently, the laundry market is primarily dominated by offline players, who cater to the premium category only. But the prices set by these companies doesn’t best fit for a large consumer base. Startups in the online laundry market are filling this gap by providing comprehensive solutions at an affordable price. Startups are of the view that online laundry marketplace is a new segment, which is yet to be proven a business model in India. If you want to start an online laundry marketplace, then it is the perfect time for you. Although online laundry marketplace is not an easy segment, the potential in this industry can grow rapidly.

If a person owns a laundry business or willing to start an online laundry marketplace, this is the perfect time for stepping into this business. Before stepping into this business, one needs to know these things.

To start an online laundry marketplace, one must follow these steps:

 • Research about the market:

The first step after getting into the laundry business is that you should have an idea about the market. Laundry business is a completely unexplored area. Since there is very less number of competitors in this segment, so getting customers is very easy. You should start your business with a business plan. A business plan will give you a deep understanding of the market. You should start by listing the services that you are willing to provide and what others are providing. Then the location where you will set-up your business and also whom you’ll be targeting. This will help you to stay organized and remain on track.

• Find out what resources you need:

Before stepping into some business, one should research what resource is required to start a new business. You should plan these things according to your budget and according to your requirements. Starting a laundry business might be more expensive than you think. While making a business plan write down all the items and equipment that you need, including washers, dryers, detergent, hangers, and so on. These items need to be there in your budget to ensure your venture is financially feasible.

• Find out competitors:

The most important thing is to research before starting a new business. Find out who your competitors could be and what they are doing to scale up their business. This will automatically keep you ahead from some of your competitors. Think about the ways that will distinguish you from your competitors. You may need to give discounts or lower prices than the competitors to make your place in the market. And never compromise with the quality of the service that you are offering, this is the only factor that will give you loyal customers.

• Choose the best platform to take your business online:

Nowadays, there are a lot of platforms available to start your online marketplace. But you need to figure out which one is best for you. List the features that you need in your software. Take into account the changing pattern of customer behaviour.  Yelo from Jungleworks is the best platform to build an online marketplace as it offers the best solutions according to the latest trends in the market. It provides various features at an affordable price.

Features of Yelo Online Laundry marketplace software:

urbanclap business model

Also, the most important component that a laundry service software must-have is a delivery management software. The pick-up and delivery aspect involved in a laundry business is crucial and complex. Jungleworks in integration with Yelo provides Tookan | one of the Best Delivery Management software in the world.

Features of Tookan:

• Manage your home pick-up and drop-off requests with efficient software.

• Never miss another pick-up or drop off an appointment with in-app notifications.

• Easy integration with existing POS, website or App.

Some software these days are very complex to use that it takes weeks or months to learn how to use them. But Yelo laundry service software is very simple and easy to use.

This is how Yelo laundry marketplace software works:

• Customer registers himself on ordering app/website.

• Picks a Preferred Laundry Partner.

• Schedules a Time that’s Convenient.

• Registers and Completes Order.

Yelo provides you with the best features required to start your online marketplace. It is a cost-effective solution that offers you order and delivery management dashboard and sets up your business in minutes.

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